7 Ways to Keep Your Electricity Bill Under Control During Lockdown

7 Ways to Keep Your Electricity Bill Under Control During Lockdown

Lockdowns are no fun for anybody, including your power bill. Being forced to work from home all of a sudden for five days a week on top of your normal electricity use can build up those expenses very quickly.

On top of all that we’re in the middle of winter which means devices like heaters need to be taken into account. This can all equate to an unwelcome surprise on your next power bill.

Alex Georgiou, CEO of solar energy company ShineHub reckons lockdowns could result in a 50 per cent increase on the average electricity bill, which is something no one needs right now.

Tips for reducing power usage during a winter lockdown

Being a household energy expert, Georgiou has some tips for keeping that power consumption under control while working from home in lockdown.

Here’s what you should consider:

  • Unplug your ‘energy vampires‘ – this includes items like your computer, television, kitchen appliances, speakers, hairdryer etc. when not in use.
  • Get energy-efficient light bulbs – some suggestions include LED, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), or halogen bulbs.
  • Throw out your old appliances – that old hand-me-down fridge is costing you more to keep it.
  • Swap the air conditioning for heated throws – The bulk of your big bill is probably thanks to your air-con and heater. Invest in heated throw rugs and electric blankets to reduce aircon time.
  • Understand peak times – now that you’re home all the time, stagger your energy usage so you’re not using intensive items at peak times. These times will differ depending on location, so it’s best to check with your energy provider for more details.
  • Shop around for energy providers and work out a long term renewable goal, like solar.
  • Buy a door snake – Draught-proofing is key. So is insulation.

If you’re looking for ways to warm up your home for winter without crunching that heater, our friends at Bunnings have some top tips for simple ways to keep the heat in during those colder months.

Hopefully, lockdowns won’t last too much longer, but if they do, at least you know how to keep those electricity costs under control.

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