Turn Your Homemade Treats Into a Masterpiece With These Cookie Stamps

Turn Your Homemade Treats Into a Masterpiece With These Cookie Stamps
LuLu and Stone
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If you’ve been testing out your amateur baking skills during the global pandemic and feeling like you’re coming up short on execution, we’ve found the ultimate secret to bring your delicious tasting cookies to the next level. Enter cookie stamps (and cookie cutters, for that matter).

Thanks to Melbourne based company Lulu and Stone, you can now create perfectly round, square, rectangle and even window-shaped cookies with their embossed cookie stamps and cutters. These stunning products make it easy for anyone from home decorators (me) to professional bakers (what I wish to be) to create beautiful fondant covered cookies.

Turn Your Homemade Treats Into a Masterpiece With These Cookie StampsIt’s Time To Suit Up Cookie Stamp, $24

Designed by a match-made in cookie heaven, Lisa and Monique –a cake decorator and graphic designer – have created the cookie cutters and cookie stamps to easily and efficiently improve your end product. In fact, they could just be so brilliant that your family and friends may even question where you bought them!

The duo were so enthralled with the world of cookies; that they researched, planned, designed, tested and learned the ins and outs of laser engraving and 3D printing, all in a warehouse in Melbourne and are solely responsible for hand-making (and hand-polishing!) each piece.

cookie stamps cookie cuttersBirthday Babe Cookie Stamp, $24

The stamps are made from frosted, food grade 6mm-high acrylic and range from $10-$38 while while the cutters are food grade, biodegradable PLA and range from $10-$14 plus they ship worldwide. Besides this, there are 100 versatile designs available to choose from, including one to welcome a new bub, celebrating a hens parties, engagement or birthday, mother’s and father’s day, pregnancy announcements and even a design for self-love — which we love!

How Do You Use the Cookie Stamps?

Using the cookie cutter is well, pretty cookie-cutter, but how do you use the cookie stamps?

According to Lulu and Stone’s FAQs, you just sprinkle cornflour on your surface and then roll out your fondant. Lisa and Monique recommend Bakels ready to roll fondant for the perfect consistency.

Then, simply place the stamp on the fondant, and press down over the stamp. Remove the cookie stamp to unveil the raised design and frame with a suitable cutter. Voila!

If you don’t believe how easy this is, watch the video below to see for yourself.

To create your own stunning cookies, you can purchase the embossed cookie stamps and cookie cutters from Lulu and Stone.

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