Cadbury Is Reviving Breakaway Chocolate and It’s Given Me a New Lease on Life

Cadbury Is Reviving Breakaway Chocolate and It’s Given Me a New Lease on Life
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Close your eyes and cast your mind back to a good time. A great time. A time when Cadbury Breakaway existed.

Now, open your eyes and revel in the fact that that we’re returning to that time, friends. Breakaway is coming back.

That’s right. The Cadbury gods have blessed us with the announcement that the long discontinued line of Breakaway blocks is returning to supermarkets.

I swear Cadbury purposely discontinues its chocolates just so it can have the glory of bringing them back again. But look, I’m not complaining.

What’s so good about Cadbury Breakaway?

Apart from the fact that good is far too simple a word to describe the joy that is Cadbury Breakaway?

Breakway is, in my opinion (and that’s what we’re reading here), the pinnacle of all Cadbury chocolate. Let me paint you a picture.

A slab of delicious Dairy Milk chocolate, divided by layers of crispy wafers and creme, topped with a chocolate centre and covered in more milk choc. The block is basically a KitKat, but make it Cadbury (nothing against KitKats, they are also the best).

This is officially the biggest thing since Marble’s return. Not to mention Breakaway is coming back in two editions, Dairy Milk and Old Gold for both milk and dark chocolate fans.

cadbury breakaway

Despite my harping on about how great Breakaway is, it isn’t completely absent from supermarket shelves right now. Cadbury has two Breakway themed products on offer – Breakaway milk chocolate biscuits and Twirl Breakaway (RIP Time Out).

I can confirm that Twirl Breakaways are the only thing getting me through until the original blocks hit the shelves again so if you’d like a tease of what’s to come, check them out.

Heaps of fans have come out in support of Cadbury’s Breakway return announcement after our prayers were answered.

I really relate to the one user who said, “I am going to camp outside the shops waiting for the stock to come in.”

You’ve convinced me, where can I buy one?

Update: Cadbury has come out today, this day the 2nd of July, to say that Breakaway is officially back in stores right now.

Naturally, I ran down to my local supermarket to buy a trolley-full, however, it seems Breakaway hasn’t made it to my store yet.

Other fans have questioned Cadbury on where to find it, and the choc giant has simply said it’s available in all leading supermarkets but it can take the product longer to arrive in some locations over others.

It also hasn’t been listed on online retailers sites yet, but catch me refreshing until it does.

Have you got your hands on Cadbury Breakaway yet? Does it live up to the hype? Let us live vicariously through you until we can all get our hands on the delicious choc.

This article has been updated with additional information.

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