10 Light-up Mirrors That Will Brighten Your Morning Routine

10 Light-up Mirrors That Will Brighten Your Morning Routine
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Mornings can be drab — especially in winter when the sun doesn’t show signs of life until well after most of us have woken up.

Light-up mirrors are a good way to brighten things up in your bathroom if your morning routine needs a little extra helping hand. Not only do they offer a cute and modern aesthetic look to your bathroom, they can also help level up your makeup game too. When it comes to applying makeup, we all know natural lighting is our best friend, however, not all of our homes are blessed with large windows that let in loads of glorious sunlight.

To help out with your makeup-lighting woes and help you feel more luxe while applying skin care, we found the best light-up mirrors that’ll sit nicely on your vanity or wall.

AU SELECT LED Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirror ($17.99)

This compact vanity mirror is perfect if you’re working with limited bathroom/bedroom space. It comes with three different light features — yellow light, white light and natural light, so you can make sure you look good in all different lighting.

CERSLIMO Lighted Makeup Mirror ($32.06)

Built with a full-frame LED lights, the cerslimo lighted makeup mirror is much brighter than your average vanity mirror. It simulates natural sunlight so you can effortlessly do you makeup. It’s also got a dimmer on the light switch so you can control the brightness, and it comes with a dual battery source, battery and USB.

Rio Beauty Illuminated Cosmetic Mirror ($21.95) 

This double-sided mirror is battery operated and offered both 1x and 5x magnification abilities. Easy to use and ideal for those trickier beauty treatments that require a little extra precision and illumination.

Fancii 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror ($46.68)

This portable light-up mirror provides lighting so good you’ll think it’s natural. It’s got suction lock technology so you’ll never have to worry about breaking it, and it’s battery operated. It also allows for up to 10x magnification so you can draw that cat-eye on with precision (and confidence).

Fancii Makeup Mirror with Natural LED Lights ($49.99)

Fancii’s Makeup Mirror has built-in natural daylight LED lights that are two times brighter and softer than other mirrors. It comes with three-panel mirrors to provide multiple viewing angles and magnification options. It’s also dual powered (USB and battery) and has energy-saving technology.

LUXFURNI Hollywood Vintage Tabletop Makeup Mirror ($118)

If you’ve got the space and you’re really looking to jazz up your bathroom, this professional vanity mirror is where it’s at. Powered by USB socket or a power bank, this smart mirror is touch controlled and come with energy-saving capabilities. The LED bulbs also have more than 80,000 hours of life so you can avoid the trouble of replacing them too often.

DeWEISN Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror ($30.98)

As far as light-up mirrors go, this three panelled one is pretty impressive. It comes with a touch sensor switch to adjust brightness, multiple angle viewing, magnifying mirrors and dual power supply options (USB and batteries).

Beaut Me Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror ($99.99)

This Hollywood LED light mirror can either work as a tabletop mirror or can be wall-mounted. It has smart touch control lighting, two different lighting options, natural and warm light, and plugs into the wall.

Beauty My Hollywood Mirror ($159.99)

If your bathroom requires a landscape mirror and you still want a Hollywood style one, this one could be a winner. Similar to the one above, it offers both natural and warm lighting. It also comes with an attachable 10x magnification magnetic mirror so you can apply makeup or pluck hairs with precision.

Elegant Showers Square Bathroom Vanity Mirror LED Makeup Mirror ($299.99)

While this one might feel on the pricier side, it’s a worthy investment. It comes with waterproof and defogging functions, a smart touch light dimmer, power saving mode and can be wall-mounted in any room.

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