These Flannelette Sheets Will Keep You Warm While Still Looking Cool

These Flannelette Sheets Will Keep You Warm While Still Looking Cool
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Flannelette sheet sets are the saviour of winter. Although they do make getting out of bed on brisk mornings that much more difficult, flannelette bed sheets the best way to keep yourself toasty on cold nights if your house is prone to a draft.

They’re also an incredible way to keep electricity costs down over winter by saving you from keeping a heater running overnight (which ultimately leads to draining the bank account and horrendous dehydration come morning). Not to mention, it’s way more environmentally friendly to cosy up with a quality blanket rather than relying on heaters throughout the season.

Flannelette material is generally made from brushed cotton, which creates a soft look and feel. Its origins trace back to Wales in the 16th century, where the fabric was used as armour against freezing winters and low temperatures.

Unfortunately, flannelette bedding is notoriously daggy, and some would even consider the material to be a little retro too. As a child, I’d cringe at the patchwork flannelette sets my mum would prop on my bed as winter set in, wondering why they were so gaudy.

Luckily for us, the aesthetic of flannelette bed sheets has improved drastically over time, and there is a range of affordable and cosy sets available online. We can finally embrace the joys and comforts of a flannie without having to compromise on look.

Here’s a round-up of 8 you could try out for endless nights of cosy sleep this winter.

Flannelette bed sheets you can order online:

Flannelette sheet sets

Ramesses Cashmere Touch Polar Fleece Flannel Sheet – $39.00 on Amazon 

This affordable set is made of highly absorbent and extremely soft material that is both wrinkle-resistant and shrink-resistant. It’s stocked in a variety of sizes, spanning single to king, and has a four-star rating on Amazon.

Flannel Quilt Cover & Bed Sheet & Pillowcase Set – $68.99 on Amazon

The flannel quilt and sheet set is stocked in seven different colours and comes in three sizes. It’s made of a double-side fluff design and is also machine washable.

Luxury Plush Flannel Set – from $92.55 on Amazon

This duvet and pillowcase set is perfect to completely up the comfort of your current bedding situation. Its fur flannel design is made for chilly winter nights and also comes in four different colour options.

Morgan & Finch Flannelette Sheet Set – from $39.99 at Bed, Bath & Table 

Made with high-quality cotton, this set is effortlessly chic and comes in a variety of neutral colours to suit whatever the decor of your bedroom is. The flannelette has also been brushed on both sides to create extra softness and comfort throughout the colder months.

Plain Dye Charcoal Flannelette Sheet Set – from $69.95 at Pillowtalk 

This set includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases and has been certified with the globally recognised Oeko-tex organisation, meaning the item is made using eco-friendly production methods and is free from harmful chemicals, toxins and irritants.

Flannelette White Sheet Set – from $89.99 at Adairs

This set is made from 100% cotton and is available in seven different styles. It includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

flannelette sheets flannelette sheet sets

Flannelette Sheet Set – from $109 at Sheridan 

Made out of 100% cotton, this set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Sheridan’s fabric is also brushed on each side to maximise comfort and feel.

Flannelette Turkish Cotton Set – from $49.97 at Myer

Myer’s heritage flannel set comes in a variety of pastel colours and patterns and is made from 100% cotton.

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