We Tested These Home Workouts For You

We Tested These Home Workouts For You

With loads of us cooped up in our homes once again (thanks, Covid) there’s a good chance many of you are looking at the best options for at-home workouts that’ll allow you to keep you working on your fitness.

Well, in some delightful news from Apple Fitness+ it appears a pretty prominent celebrity trainer has taken a guest spot on the service – promising some particularly powerful training sessions for your home workout collection.

Jeanette Jenkins, who has trained the likes of Alicia Keys and Pink, has added seven HIIT and strength training workouts to the Fitness+ service. And considering she’s known for her 600-calories-in-60-minutes workouts, I think it’s safe to say this is set to be a collection of workouts that will get your heart pumping.

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In other news from Apple, Fitness+ has introduced an Artist Spotlight series that heroes the music of Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga and Aussie Keith Urban in its workouts. Apple shared in a statement that “the entire playlist for a workout is dedicated to a single music artist… Every Monday for four weeks, new workouts featuring each artist will appear in the service across different modalities”.

Time to Walk also has a few new famous voices to add to the list including Cynthia Erivo, Naomi Campbell and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

But back to the point I was making at the beginning of this piece. It can be tricky to know which workouts are worth your time, and which suit a home setting best. So, for that reason, I’m going to share a few of my favourite Apple Fitness+ Workout varieties (and a couple of other options, too) below.

Our 5 favourite Fitness+ workout options

1. HIIT with Kim

I find that these genuinely get my heart rate up. They’re great for burning off a little steam at the end of a long day (or if you’re feeling a little frustrated). But Kim’s attitude is bright and bubbly without sounding like one of those annoying instructors that try to convince you you love the burn.

2. Yoga with Dustin

There is something so soothing about Dustin’s voice. That’s not to say these classes are easy, however. There’s a whole lot of variety, so if you’re after a challenging practice you can certainly find that here.

I also should say Jonelle’s classes feel super uplifting, so add them to your list, too.

3. Core with Betina

Core workouts tend to only run for 10 minutes so this is a sweet addition to another workout or something to quickly smash out if you’re short on time.

4. Strength (also) with Betina

What can I say? I enjoy Betina’s energy. If you’ve got a set of hand weights around these classes are a slower-pace strength session that should challenge you. My only criticism is that I wish there were strength options that offered resistance band substitutions for folks without dumbbells – those things can be expensive!

5. Mindful Cooldowns with anyone, really

My favourites are Dustin and Jessica, but all of these cooldowns are an incredibly good way not only to stretch it out after a workout but give your mind a 10-minute break when you need it.

Not an Apple Fitness+ fan? Lucky for you I have tried about a billion (slight exaggeration) different home workout options. I initially quarantined in New York in 2020, so I spent a long time indoors last year.

Other great home workout options:

BFT Zoom Classes – Body Fitness Training (or BFT) is a boutique fitness franchise across Australia, NZ, the US and Singapore. They take a personal trainer’s level of attention and bring it into group workout sessions across strength, cardio, HIIT and loads more. During lockdown, many of these studios are offering virtual workout classes and I can tell you from experience, they’ll get you sweating.

Centr – Chris Hemsworth’s app is made up of an all-inclusive fitness program. Trainers Luke Zocchi and Ashley Joi are particularly great.

Box + Flo – This program is based in New York but they have an on-demand digital membership available. It’s a mixture of boxing and yoga and will kick your butt in the best possible way.

Xtend Barre – If you’ve never tried a barre class, expect it to burn. But your booty will love you for it.

Upstate Studios – I’ve tried a boxing class with these guys and it was an excellent workout. They also have Pilates, Yoga + HIIT, and Pilates LIT classes available online.

Peloton app – No, you don’t need the bike (or any other piece of Peloton hardware) to use the app. There’s a huge range of variety in workouts and the instructors are impressive. You can also nab a three-month trial, free.

Happy sweating, folks.

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