These Instant Pot Pressure Cookers Will Save You Time and Money

These Instant Pot Pressure Cookers Will Save You Time and Money
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It’s fair to say no kitchen is complete without a pressure cooker or air fryer these days.

If you’re currently back in lockdown or looking for ways to beat the winter blues, cooking up a few classic comfort dishes with a new appliance is a surefire way to lift your spirits. Even if you don’t consider yourself an amazing cook, a pressure cooker or air fryer is guaranteed to help you whip up something mouth-watering without too much hassle.

Multicooker brand Instant Pot sells a range of stainless steel appliances that’ll take your home cooking game to the next level, and are currently available at an affordable price point.

You can currently check Instant Pot’s range of pressure cookers and air fryers below, including a deal.

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Instant Pot Duo Nova Multi-Use Pressure Cooker 8l – now $249, originally $299

Instant Pot
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Pressure cookers are a great addition to any kitchen, and have been lauded for their versatility in helping home chefs and cooking novices alike dish out juicy ribs, soups and dessert dishes all in the one appliance. There are plenty of great recipe options out there.

Instant Pot has quite the reputation when it comes to pressure cookers, and you can currently pick up the 3L Duo Nova Electric Multi-Use Pressure Cooker for $189.

This 3L pressure cooker is overflowing with features that’ll help you cook delicious meals. It has 14 one-touch smart auto cook programs, a new easy-seal lid that automatically seals your Instant Pot for pressure cooking, and an advanced steam release system that you can control with the quick-release button. It can help speed up the cooking process of a meal by 70%.

The LED display also makes cooking with the pressure cooker a little easier as you can see the cooker settings, pressure status and meal progress indicators listed on the screen. Oh, and if you’re one of those folks who can’t for the life of you decide what to eat every night, they have an app that’s fitted with over 1,000 recipes for pressure cookers.

If you’re looking for a pressure cooker with a bigger capacity, the 5.7L Duo Nova is also available for $233.

The 8L Duo Nova is currently on sale for $249 ($50 off its original price). This product sold out in just one day during last month’s Amazon Prime Day sales, so you’d best get in quick before they’re gone again.

Click here if you want to check out the 3L Instant Pot Duo Nova Multi-Use Pressure Cooker.

Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer XXL- $269

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If you’re someone who loves crispy food, the Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer XXL is available for $269. There’s a lot that you can make with an air fryer, and this particular appliance comes with six built-in smart programs that allow you to air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat or dehydrate.

If you’re not one for making big meals, an air fryer isn’t a bad choice for making quick snacks, either.

If you’re someone who loves the taste of deep-fried meals, but also strive to make healthier food options, the Vortex Plus Air Fryer will give you the crispiness you crave, but with 95% less oil. This Instant Pot air fryer is designed to cook evenly to help make sure you’ll get a consistent crunch across whatever you make.

As its name suggests, this XXL air fryer has quite a large capacity – there’s enough room in the basket to fit a 1.8kg chicken.

Click here if you want to check out the Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer XXL.

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