Tangerine’s Affordable NBN 250 Plan Just Got Cheaper

Tangerine’s Affordable NBN 250 Plan Just Got Cheaper
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Tangerine, a delicious citrus fruit and an internet service provider that offers some of the best value plans on the Australian market. Tangerine has been around since 2013 and while it isn’t the fastest provider on the market, its plans sit nicely in the average speed range for most of its NBN connections.

Tangerine’s affordable prices just got a bit cheaper, too. The provider is currently offering an NBN 250 deal where it will knock $15 off your monthly bill for the first six months you’re with it. That means you’ll only be paying $94.90/month for its NBN 250 plan until the discount period ends. This NBN connection has a typical evening speed of 205 Mbps.

After this deal period ends, the price will jump back up to $109.90 – but not after you’ve saved $90.

You can check out Tangerine’s NBN 250 plan below:

Even more NBN 250 deals

As mentioned earlier, Tangerine doesn’t have the top speeds but it still sits just above the average range. As far as NBN 250 connections go, most of the more affordable providers have typical evening speeds around the 200 Mbps mark. With this discount, this plan is now on the cheaper end of NBN 250 connections with unlimited data.

Tangerine isn’t the only internet provider offering a decent deal on NBN 250 plans. MATE is currently offering its NBN 250 connection for $89/month (down from $109) for your first six months, while MyRepublic‘s plan is now $99/month (down from $109) for the first six months. These connections have typical evening speeds of 208 Mbps and 200 Mbps, respectively.

In terms of the greatest value, the monthly price of Telstra’s NBN 250 plan has been slashed by $50. With this Telstra plan, you’ll only have to pay $90/month for the first six months, while getting speeds of 230 Mbps.

If the deciding factor for your choice of NBN plan isn’t speed, but rather how good a deal you can get, Aussie Broadband is currently offering the first month of its NBN plans for free (excluding its NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans). Aussie Broadband is also offering a $30 discount off the price of its NBN 250 connection, bringing it down to $99/month for the first six months with a typical evening speed of 248 Mbps.

You can check out these NBN 250 deals and more below:


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