Spotify Only You’s Personalised Features That You Might Want To Keep to Yourself

Spotify Only You’s Personalised Features That You Might Want To Keep to Yourself

If you’re the kind of person who likes to share your Spotify Wrapped results with all your pals on social media (many of us), this update is going to be interesting for you.

While we’re a while away from the next Wrapped release, Spotify has decided to treat us all with a newly curated collection of data according to our listening history.

In a statement on the new service, the music streaming service said:

Only You is all about celebrating how you listen – and provides a Wrapped-esque shareable experience.

So what’s new with Spotify Only You?

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If you’re keen on getting a rundown on your best (and worst) listening habits, here’s what you can currently play with and share via Spotify Only You.

Audio Birth Chart:

Get a reading on what’s in the stars for your listening journey.

Sun: the top artist you’ve listened to over the last six months
Moon: an artist you’ve listened to that best shows your emotional or vulnerable side
Rising: an artist you’ve recently connected with

Dream Dinner Party: The three artists you’d invite to the dinner party of your dreams. Once selected, Spotify will create a personalised Spotify Mix for each artist to set the mood.

Artist Pairs: The unique audio pairings that you’ve listened to recently, showing your range of listening interests.

Song Year: How you’ve musically travelled through different time periods.

Time of Day: The music and podcast content you listen to either early in the morning or late at night. (I’m sure this will be a fun mix for people.)

Genres/Topics: How music and podcast genres set you apart based on your listening habits.

How do we listen?

Spotify Only You
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Off the back of the announcement, Spotify has shared a selection of fun stats they’ve pulled together. And, well… there’s some pretty colourful findings in there.

Here’s what they’ve shared:

Zodiac sign listening trends

  • Cancer’s top the list with the most user generation playlists, over 12 million for the emotional crabs
  • Some of the top songs on these playlists reveal that Aries are streaming ‘Never Let Me Go’ by Florence + The Machine, and ‘Never Say Never’ by The Fray
  • Australians are not looking for soothing sounds at their dinner parties with Rock the most popular genre added to user-generated dinner party playlists followed by Pop
  • Sydney local, The Kid Laroi’s song ‘WITHOUT YOU’, topped across user’s most listened to songs in 2021 from Gen Z to Baby Boomers

Local listening trends

  • Only recent sourdough enthusiasts understand the true power of ‘Everybody Rise’. Amy Shark – 2.3 million monthly listeners and growing.
  • Only BENEE fans know how quickly ‘Snail’ gets stuck in your head. Over 8.2 million streams so far. And moving fast.
  • Only Search Engine Sex fans would ask both “how to get over someone” and “how to get under someone.” Over 100,000 fans have come… to Search Engine Sex for answers.

Global listening trends

  • Only Harries eat watermelon for dinner. 43% of Harry Styles fans listen to ‘Watermelon Sugar’ in the evening.
  • Only Selenators bailan con ella all night long. Fans have listened to 413,994,382+ hours of dance music after midnight.
  • Only Lil Nas X fans call him by his real name. Fans have created more than 97,924+ playlists with ‘MONTERO’ in the title.
  • Only Doja Cat fans speak fluent whale. Fans have listened to 4,050,732+ hours of whale sounds.
  • Only Beliebers get this much Vitamin C. ‘Peaches’ has been added to 6,438,038+ playlists.
  • Only Supernatural fans could start their mornings on the dark side. 33% of ‘Supernatural’ with Ashley Flowers fans listen before noon.
  • Only SZA fans could be this optimistic. ‘Good Days’ is played 74,102,232+ times a day before noon.
  • Only Armchair Experts know that laughter is the best medicine. Fans have listened to 185,290,444+ hours of comedy.

The question is, how keen are you to share your results once you’ve had a play with Spotify Only You? Yeah, I probably won’t, either.


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