MasterChef at Home: Maja Veit’s Herb-Loaded Dipping Oil

MasterChef at Home: Maja Veit’s Herb-Loaded Dipping Oil

If you’ve been watching along at home, you’ll know that the latest departure from the MasterChef kitchen was Maja Veit. The Tassie local saw her time in the competition come to an end after a team challenge that left her group having to cook to fight to keep a place in the series.

MasterChef Maja Veit recipe
Maja Veit, MasterChef. Image supplied.

Veit was eliminated a little earlier on in the competition but was welcomed back during Second Chance Week.

In her exit interview after the show, Veit said:

“I’m a little bit – beating myself up about that last challenge. But what an experience. It’s been the most crazy, like, rollercoaster of my life. I never thought I’d make it to top 24, and to get this far… Yeah, it’s an absolute privilege.”

After packing up her apron and leaving the show, Veit shared one of her favourite quick and easy recipes with the Lifehacker Australia team. We’ve popped her take on a fragrant and herb-loaded dipping oil for you below.

How to make Maja Veit’s fragrant dipping oil

What you’ll need:

  • 100g neutral oil (grapeseed or similar)
  • 30g spinach (for colour)
  • 30g aromatic herb (i.e. basil, coriander, thyme, Geraldton Wax etc…)


  1. Blitz all ingredients in food processor
  2. Transfer to small saucepan and heat gently for 20 mins or until oil separates from the solids
  3. Pour contents through a sieve, over a bowl (sieve laden with muslin cloth for best results), and let the liquid drip through in its own time, at room temperature (around 10 minutes), or leave until all liquid has come through. Do not squeeze or force liquid through the sieve, as this will result in a cloudy oil.
  4. Your fragrant oil is ready to use! For entertainment platters as a dipping oil with balsamic and a pinch of salt, or to top on any salad or pasta dishes for that extra flavour hit and wow factor

If you want a sweet little bread recipe to use this one with, check out our focaccia guide here, no-knead bread here or Amir Manoly’s (also MasterChef alum) take on flatbread here.

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