Don’t Sweat, The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Will Cool You Right Down

Don’t Sweat, The Emma Diamond Hybrid Mattress Will Cool You Right Down
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There’s nothing worse than bundling yourself up in bed, getting warm and then getting too warm to enjoy it. Personally, sweaty feet have been the bane of my winter for longer than I can remember — and it’s something I’m not ashamed to talk about. Sweaty feet, right? Ew, gross. But it’s a problem that impacts so many people — and it could have a simple solution. In my case, it was swapping my old mattress out for an Emma Diamond Hybrid.

Emma is a new arrival to the mattress-in-a-box market in Australia, but it’s certainly made an impact with the Diamond Hybrid.

This mattress is a foam, pocket spring and graphite dust mattress that focusses on body temperature regulation. While the official description is filled with a lot of tech speak and terms like “optimisation” and “innovation”, what you really need to know is this mattress is great for keeping you cool.

It’s great for heat regulation

If you’re somebody who likes piling on the winter bedcovers, you’re in luck with this mattress.

No matter how many layers you sleep under, the Diamond Hybrid will genuinely warm you, rather than make you sweaty. You can even wear socks to bed and not have to worry about sweaty feet or chilblains. It really is quite novel, and not something I expected to have an immediate effect on my sleep. But it absolutely did, and the change was very noticeable.

When I slept I had no night sweats at all, and temperature was never a problem. If I was cold, I just added more blankets, and even that wasn’t enough to work up a sweat.

Measuring the impact a mattress has on your sleep is very subjective so I can only speak from personal experience — but it genuinely felt like I was sleeping longer and having better quality sleep from the moment I swapped my mattress out. There was no tossing and turning, or throwing the covers around. I laid down and slept, effort free. Weirdly, I also started remembering more of my dreams.

I can’t put this solely down to the mattress, but the coincidence is tough to ignore.

With the Emma Diamond Hybrid I’ve had better sleep, felt more rested and been able to keep warm (but not sweaty) all night long. Before, these were all areas I struggled with.

How firm is the Emma Diamond Hybrid?

emma diamond hybrid review
Image: Lifehacker Australia

The Emma Diamond Hybrid is a fairly firm mattress — about a 7.5 out of 10, if you need a number context.

It’s squidgy and will conform to your body shape, but this isn’t a mattress you’ll really sink into. It’s ideal for back sleepers and easily supports the curve of your spine but there is also a lot of leeway when you’re sleeping on your side.

The first few nights I found my arms were a bit stiff, but after a short while the mattress was more comfortable and moulded quickly for side sleeping.

You may find the memory foam takes a while to settle into your perfect shape, but once it does the mattress is extremely comfortable and supportive. I didn’t have any hip or arm trouble while side-sleeping outside of the first few ‘adjustment’ days, and afterwards it was great for sleeping on all sides with firm, comforting support.

It may have actually changed my mind about firm vs. soft mattresses. Previously I was using a mattress topper to create a soft, pillowy surface to sleep on, but I found that made me quite hot and uncomfortable.

With the Diamond Hybrid, you rest ‘on’ the mattress rather than ‘in’ it, and while it does mean you’ve got a firmer surface on your back, the temperature regulation is so good it’s worth the trade-off.

The firmness is definitely something to consider if you’re a princess-and-the-pea type sleeper, but personally I think the Diamond Hybrid has convinced me a firmer mattress is the way to go for a better night’s sleep.

How easy is it to make the bed?

emma mattress hybrid review
Image: Lifehacker Australia

The Emma Diamond Hybrid is surprisingly easy to dress because it’s a very flat, square mattress — but the underside is covered in sticky tack (to stop it moving around), so it can be annoying to seperate it from your bed frame.

But beyond this flaw, it’s very easy to manoeuvre because it’s much lighter than your average mattress.

One person can easily move it into place (it weighs about 23 kg, which is actually very manageable) and this means it’s easy to make your bed even when it comes time to that tricky fitted sheet.

There’s even grippy handles around the sides if you ever need to pull the bed up or move it around, making it surprisingly easy to move should the need arise.

It’s a small feature, but a very handy one particularly if you wash your sheets often (and you should).

Final Verdict

At a regular retail price of $1,399, the Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress is a significant investment — and one that’s certainly worth considering.

We all need decent sleep, and this mattress delivered in spades. Again, exact impact is difficult to measure because quality of sleep is so subjective, but I found I was sleeping significantly longer and better the instant I swapped over to the Diamond Hybrid mattress. Regardless of whether that was a psychological change or not, it was very effective.

As someone who currently gets limited sleep due to my work hours, I need deep sleep that’s easy to fall into. The Diamond Hybrid helped with that immensely, and I feel the quality and effort I put into my day has improved because of it.

Regardless of the investment, the Emma Diamond Hybrid is a fantastic mattress and one that’s certainly had a major impact on my overall wellbeing.

The Emma Diamond Hybrid mattress typically retails from $1,199 for a Single Bed, but all sizes are currently on sale at 50 per cent off to celebrate EOFY.

You can grab a Single for $599.50, a Double for $749.50, a King Single for $699.50, a Queen for $849.50 and a King for $999.50 here.

If you’re looking to upgrade your mattress, now might be the perfect time.


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