Cinnamon Doughnut Bread Is the Breakfast Snack We Deserve

Cinnamon Doughnut Bread Is the Breakfast Snack We Deserve
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I am partial to a Krispy Kreme but we all know a hot cinnamon doughnut is the one to beat. Some things belong together and cinnamon and dough are two prime examples of that. This is probably why we now have a golden cinnamon doughnut loaf.

Why buy a cinnamon doughnut when you can eat an entire piece of cinnamon toast? Genius.

Why buy cinnamon doughnut loaf?

If you weren’t already sold by the words cinnamon doughnut loaf, here are some other reasons this is a must-try.

The product comes from Tip Top, makers of that delicious squishy white bread we all know and love (along with raisin, wholemeal, and grain bread varieties).

The new doughnut loaf is thick-cut and each slice is interspersed with cinnamon bursts. It’s topped with a tasty crust featuring cinnamon dusting.

cinnamon doughnut loaf
Image: Woolworths

The product description from Woolworths makes it sound even better:

This scrumptious loaf is soft in a middle but also crunchy on the outside when toasted. Each slice is slightly sweetened and made with delicious bursts of Cinnamon flavour.

Not to mention when you toast a slice it will make your entire home smell like a delicious warm baked cinnamon doughnut. No more standing at Donut King to get your fill.

It costs only $5 for a 600g loaf from major retailers and it still manages a 3-star health rating so, you know, it could be worse.

The packet suggests toasting your loaf and serving it with butter, jam or cream. Turn it into a cinnamon jam doughnut why don’t you?

Alternatively, you could check out our recipe for making a jam doughnut in a mug if all you can think about is doughnuts right now.

Of all the crazy breakfast combinations we’ve seen over the years, this has to be one of the best so run on down to your local supermarket to give this a try.


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