Bridgerton-Inspired Lingerie Now Exists for You To Live Out All Your Fantasies

Bridgerton-Inspired Lingerie Now Exists for You To Live Out All Your Fantasies
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Remember Bridgerton? We certainly do. While we’re still a way off from the second season hitting our screens (so sad) the impact of the first season has been lasting for many. If you haven’t rewatched at least one episode, I’d be willing to bet you’ve at least considered reading the books in an effort to fill the Duke-sized hole in your life.

Anyway. Our pals at Lovehoney are also missing that Bridgerton heat (the company burns for the show, if you will) and, as you may have seen, has decided to launch a range of lingerie inspired by the series.

Intrigued by the new line, I chatted with Chantelle Otten, Lovehoney’s resident Psycho-Sexologist, who shared five tips on how to introduce some Bridgerton flair to your sex life.

Here’s what she shared.

How to bring a little Bridgerton to the bedroom

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1. Hello, solo play

An obvious one, no? But no less important. As Ru Paul says, “if you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”

“Bridgerton’s first series explored self-pleasure through Daphne. Whilst this was Daphne’s first encounter with solo play, which is in line with the era of the period drama, today solo pleasure is more openly discussed and prioritised. A recent study from Lovehoney revealed that almost half of Australians (41%) masturbate at least once a week, and 1 in 10 (10.7%) women prefer to use a toy. So indulge yourself with something to take self-love to the next level.”

2. Don’t sleep on foreplay

Many of us tend to rush through the process when it comes to sex. Otten wants us to take inspiration from the Bridgerton experience and let arousal build.

“The cultivation of desire is apparent in the show, and how the couples engage in teasing and play to build arousal! So let’s chat foreplay – I believe it’s the most intimate part of sex, so slow down, take your time to make sure both of you are feeling the best you can – this can be through hands, lips, toys and anything else you can think of.”

3. Bridgerton lingerie

Who doesn’t love a little lace? These period-inspired pieces are pretty damn lovely.

“Treat yourself with a new set of lingerie inspired by the drama series. Lingerie is a great way to feel empowered and create feelings of sensuality. The new Wild Anticipation collection from Lovehoney features lace, silks and florals in soft pastels. Offering everything from watercolour satin babydoll sets with delicate galloon lace through to contoured lace panels and concealed plastic boning creating coveted hourglass proportions.”

4. Get creative with your setting

Use the furniture you have available to you. No one said sex had to be relegated to the bedroom, alone. Lord knows the Duke and Daphne took full advantage of the space available to them.

“One of my favourite sex scenes from the binge-worthy show was the staircase scene featuring the Duke performing oral sex on Daphne. If you have a staircase, try taking play to new heights. If you don’t have a staircase, get creative and experiment with elevation by using pillows, chairs or even the kitchen bench, or investing in some sex furniture. If you’re alone and have a desire for some oral stimulation, a clitoral stimulator is the toy for vulva-owners out there.”

5. Give your partner a sexy surprise

The characters in the show spend a whole lot of time dressed in fairly conservative outfits. Otten wondered if using this could create an opportunity for intrigue and a little bit of sexy play.

“Craving the unknown, whilst in the show the women are presented to society and often in intricate fashion pieces, it inspires the desire for what is beneath. Similar to the men’s three piece suits. Try surprising your partner with being naked underneath a robe that makes you feel sexy and desirable.”

If you’d like to read up on where we’re at with season two of Bridgerton and its sexy, sexy characters, you can do that here.

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