6 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive, Rather Than Snoring In Public

6 Ways to Make Your Commute More Productive, Rather Than Snoring In Public
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The daily commute can conjure a mixed bag of emotions. If your public transport lines are notoriously unreliable or you habitually hit snooze, commuting can be a stressful experience.

However, making the most of your time in transit can help boost your productivity, especially if your trip to the office is on the lengthier side.

Sometimes, that half-hour on the train in the morning and evening can be the only private time you’re gifted on a busy day. You’re away from work, family and other commitments and you’re (generally) not obliged to answer emails or calls – so using that time to do things for yourself is a better alternative to scrolling mindlessly until you’re dizzy.

Here are a few ways to make your commute time more productive.


Taking the time to centre yourself and focus on your breathing before diving into the workday can be a great way to kick things off succesfully. If you’ve had a stress-inducing morning or you’re dreading certain tasks ahead of you, meditating will help clear your mind to tackle the day with clarity.

Downloading an app with guided meditations and breathing exercises is an accessible way to meditate not only on your commute but throughout the day as well. Journaling with a notebook or by typing into your notes app is also an effective way to practice mindfulness before the day starts too.

There’s no correct way to meditate – as long as you’re focusing on your inner self to calm before the craziness of the day begins, you’re on the right path.

Listen to a Podcast or Audiobook

Podcasts have undeniably had their moment over the last few years. If you’re still yet to jump on board, 2021 is your year to start indulging in the world of audio on your commute. Podcasts (and audiobooks) are a great form of escapism, can positively impact your mood and of course, expand your horizons.

They’re a sure-fire way to brighten up your commute, no matter how bleak your train line looks, and they’re a great way to stay off TikTok whilst commuting, considering the clash of sounds.

Seek Out Some Extra Cash

If you’re dedicated to the 24/7 grind, then hustling for a little bit of side cash is an immensely productive way to spend your commute. Listing old products on Facebook Marketplace is an easy way to develop a little nest egg of cash on the side. This will require some extra work in taking photos of your items, but listing and chatting with potential buyers can easily be done on your commute.

One of the more unique ways you could earn some cash while commuting is by partaking in online market research. Services like OpinionWorld enable users to take quick, easy market research surveys in return for a gift card reward at well-known retailers like Woolworths, Myer, Priceline, Rebel Sport, Supercheap Auto and Harvey Norman. You can also cash out through PayPal. It’s free to join, accessible online, and they’re simple enough to keep your mind and hands occupied whilst sitting on the bus.

Now could also be the time to download an investing app, which could be another way to occupy your commute – especially if you’re sick to death of hearing about cryptocurrency without being involved. There’d truly be nothing better in the world than realising your stocks have skyrocketed overnight whilst on-route to your 9-5.

Plan Your Weekend

It’s easy to get bogged down in thinking about the workweek while on your commute. Anticipating lengthy meetings and frantic 4 pm requests can be anxiety-inducing. So, use the time on your commute to plan your weekend and take your mind off work and onto what really matters in your life.

Make lists of places you want to hit, investigate adventures and start writing your Friday night-to-Sunday afternoon itinerary, so you’ve got a bunch to look forward to whilst slogging through more non-desirable tasks.

Organise Your Phone

Our phones are the central intelligence headquarters of our entire lives. Have you ever pondered the havoc that would unfold in your life if you went one day without it? The chaos would be simply unfathomable. The least we could do for ourselves (and our phones) is keep them organised and easy to use.

Use your commute to do a complete purge – delete the seven apps you never use, assess whether you’ve signed yourself up for any pesky hidden subscriptions, clear your missed calls. The possibilities are endless, and whilst scrolling through your camera roll to clear up space, you might fall on a few long lost gems.


Reading is the easiest way to stay off social media whilst commuting. Your hands are physically forced off your phone and into the world of pen and paper.

This may only work if you’re a train or tram rider, as reading on the bus might lead to some motion sickness at times. However, if you’ve got an iron stomach, reading is a top pick for commute productivity.

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