How to Patch a Pair of Rubber Gloves Instead of Buying New Ones

How to Patch a Pair of Rubber Gloves Instead of Buying New Ones

While rubber gloves are durable, they don’t last forever, and if you find that your favourite pair suddenly has a hole big enough to be a nuisance but not necessarily throw out, you might want to consider fixing them. Here’s an easy way how.

How to fix a hole in rubber gloves

This tip comes to us from Frances Y. of Alexandria, Virginia, who sent it to Heloise of “Hints from Heloise.” Frances Y. uses rubber gloves for most of her household cleaning, and has a special pair for washing dishes. Unfortunately, they developed a small hole that allowed water to get inside the glove.

But the hole was no match for Frances Y., who promptly fixed it, using this strategy:

I set the glove aside and let it dry out completely. Then I took a band aid, cut off the sticky portion on one side and put a super glue around the hole.

Then I took the sticky portion of the Band-Aid and placed it over the hole, making sure that it also rested on the super glue. After it dried, my old rubber gloves back were as good as new.

And there you have it. Even if you’re not easily grossed out by dirt and grime, you still may want to consider a pair of rubber gloves for more than just washing dishes, including gardens, garages, and other outdoor spaces that make them more likely to tear. When they do, you can easily patch them to keep them around a bit longer. And although you don’t always need them, having rubber gloves around provide that extra barrier that can make an unpleasant task a little less-horrible.


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