How To Swim on Your Period Without Relying on Tampons

How To Swim on Your Period Without Relying on Tampons
Image: Unsplash/Timothy Meinberg
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Given that we live in a country with some of the best beaches in the world, it’s no surprise we spend a lot of our time in the water. Many of us would gladly spend every day swimming if we could, but sometimes our period threatens to stand in our way (especially if you’re not keen on wearing a tampon or menstrual cup). Thankfully though, it’s still possible to go swimming on your period, courtesy of this clever invention known as period swimwear.

Here’s everything you need to know about period swimmers, including where to buy them in Australia.

What happens to your period when you’re in water?

This is a question every woman has likely asked herself at one point or another. Is it possible to get in a pool or swim at the beach without a tampon in? And how likely is leakage?

If you’ve heard that your period can actually stop in water, it’s worth noting that there is some truth to this. Thanks to the power of physics, the water pressure actually works against the force of gravity which counteracts blood flow. However, if you do anything like sneeze, cough, laugh, or even move in certain ways – you run the risk of blood leaking out through your swimmers. While it’ll probably be diluted by the water and not leave a trail behind you, it’ll definitely stain your swimsuit which we don’t want.

This is why period swimwear is a great option for people with particularly heavy flows or who don’t want to use tampons. After all, our periods shouldn’t stop us from living our lives, right?

What is period swimwear?

Period swimwear is a special type of swimmer that contains a hidden lining which works to absorb menstrual fluid and protects the wearer from leakage. It’s great for people who are seeking added protection alongside a tampon or menstrual cup or who people aren’t comfortable wearing these but still need some kind of barrier.

Period swimwear also works as a protective barrier against light bladder leakage, pelvic floor mishaps and spotting, making it a great alternative for people of all ages.

How does it work?

While each brand differs slightly in their method, all period swimwear has the same goal – to absorb liquid. Modibodi are an Australian company who specialise in period proof underwear, sleepwear and swimwear. Given that we live in a beach-loving country, it’s no surprise that they’ve been steadily increasing in popularity since their creation.

Using their innovative patent-pending Modifier Swim Technology, their swimwear line is water-resistant, stain-proof and odour preventative. Basically, it can do anything and everything. Each swimsuit is fitted with a triple-layered gusset which absorbs and locks in fluid to prevent it from leaking out so you can feel extra secure while you’re in the water.

If you’re wondering just how absorbent they are, each garment can hold up to 10ml of fluid which is the equivalent of two tampons. They’re also UPF50+ which is the maximum sun protective rating achievable for fabrics. We told you they were pretty great.

The best part is, they look and feel just like regular swimmers but still allow you to go surfing, swimming, snorkelling or hit the sauna. They’re also a saving grace if you’re at the end of your period and keen to lie on the beach without worrying about light leakage once you’re out of the water.

Where to buy period swimwear

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