Pivot Your Attention Towards These Cute Friends-Inspired Gifts

Pivot Your Attention Towards These Cute Friends-Inspired Gifts
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The long-awaited Friends reunion is just around the corner, airing May 27 on Binge. Could we be anymore excited?

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that we’re pretty keen to see the Friends cast – along with a stack of special guests – get together and reminisce about the much beloved sitcom. If you really want to get into the mood, we’ve put together our 10 favourite Friends episodes to watch before the reunion drops.

If you’re on a break from rewatching the series (because you’ve already seen the entire series at least 50 times), but still have Friends fever, there are few other ways you can fly the flag for your favourite sitcom.

Take A Look Behind-The-Scenes, $27.50-$35.29

Image: Amazon

Want to know everything there is to know about this sitcom? Friends Forever: The One About the Episodes is a chunky coffee-table book that goes through all 236 episodes from the series. This book covers behind-the-scenes details for each episodes and includes a stack of interviews with the show’s cast and crew.

If you’re keen on reading how the show originally came together and how it transformed both sitcoms and pop culture as a whole, Generation Friends is the book you want.

It’s a pretty breezy read and even if you consider yourself an unbeatable trivia buff, it has some surprising behind-the-scenes details about the show’s production. Did you you know Monica and Joey were originally going to be the show’s big romantic couple?

Frame Your Peephole, $26.62

Image: Amazon

A fun, subtle way to show off your Friends fandom by making your front door look like the one in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. Don’t own a door with a peephole? It also doubles as a photo frame.

Build A Central Perk LEGO Set, $69

Image: LEGO

It’s ‘The One Where They’re All Made of LEGO.’ Not only does this Friends LEGO set recreate Central Perk right down to the cookies in the counter display, but it also includes minifigs for everyone’s favourite characters – plus Gunther.

This Friends LEGO set is currently on sale for $69, down from $89.99.

Test Your Knowledge With Trivia, $37.95

Image: Amazon

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Friends, and are willing to put those skills to the test? Based on the quiz from ‘The One with the Embryos’, The One with The Apartment Bet Game uses the same set up and includes over 200 questions about the sitcom.

So what is Chandler Bing’s job?

Perk Up With A Coffee, $14.99

Image: Cotton On

A real big Central Perk mug for a real big fan who needs a caffeine hit during an all-night binge session.

Stay Warm With A Friends Oodie, $104

Image: Oodie

We’re pretty big fans of the oversized blanket hoodie. With the Friends reunion premiering so close to the official start of winter, having something you can warm yourself up in while watching it seems like a no-brainer.

The Friends Oodie come in four different colours – grey, white, blue and purple – all of which are covered in fun illustrations inspired by the show.

You can currently save $25 off the $129 price tag of these Friends Oodies with the promo code “WINTER”.

The Friends reunion will be available on Binge from 5:02 pm (AEST), May 27.


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