This $50 Massage Pillow is Doing Wonders For My Lower Back

This $50 Massage Pillow is Doing Wonders For My Lower Back
Image: Amazon
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Whenever I see massage devices advertised, I can’t help but think of those hideously bad infomercials you’d see on TV as a kid when you were home sick from school. Automatically my mind goes to ‘Who uses this stuff?’ Well friends, apparently I do because I just got to trial the Boriwat Neck and Back Massager Pillow — and I’m converted. 

Full disclosure, I recently had a bulged disc flare up in my back and couldn’t walk, sit or stand for two weeks. I’m currently working through a rehab process with my physio and this massager pillow has been an absolute godsend while I’m working from home or in the office. 

How it works

The massage pillow features four powerful 3D massage heads that kneed and press into your muscles with moderate intensity to help ease tension, and release tight muscles. It automatically changes direction every minute and shuts off after 15 minutes. 

It also has a heating feature that can help relax stressed muscles and promote blood circulation. You have full control over the heating function so you can turn it on or off according to your personal message preference.

Because of its ergonomic design, this neck and back massager is comfortable and convenient to use, so much so that you can even use it in the car on long or short trips (just probably not while driving, you know, for safety reasons and what not). And it comes with a protective zip cover to ease the intensity for sensitive people and a handle so it’s easily portable. 

Its slim-line design means you can fit it on your lower back, neck, arms, legs, calves, you name it.  

This $50 Massage Pillow is Doing Wonders For My Lower Back
Image: Amazon

My experience

I started out using it for 15-minutes at a time on my lower back post-exercise (read: walking and pilates) to help alleviate any tension that might be building up. Then I began to use it sporadically throughout the day when I could feel my back tightening from sitting or standing for too long. 

And let me tell you, it was 15-minutes of sweet, sweet relief. It kneads into your muscles so well that you can feel the tension leaving your body.

After a while I also began using it on my upper thigh/butt, if you’ve ever felt the pain of sciatica, hear me when I tell you that this little baby helps. Sadly, I don’t own a massage gun, so it was perfect for when I couldn’t be bothered getting out my foam roller. I’d just lean into the massage pillow and let it do the hard work for me. After 15 minutes of use, the pain in my leg had been alleviated to a degree where it was actually bearable to go about my everyday life again. 

I’d liken the massage sensation to those massage chairs you see in airports or beauty parlours. 

Things to keep in mind

First and foremost, if you have any kind of injuries, check with your physio or healthcare professional before you start using it, you wouldn’t want to do more damage. Otherwise, there’s very little downside to this massage pillow. 

My only gripe is that it only has the one control/tempo setting via the on/off button and you have to be near a power outlet (wall or car socket) to use it. It doesn’t have any kind of stand-alone battery life. But if it did, that thing would come everywhere with me (especially considering it comes with a cute carry handle and protective cover). 


This might just be the best part, the Boriwat Neck and Back Massager Pillow will only set you back $50. I can think of worse ways to spend $50 tbh. 

You can buy the Boriwat Neck and Back Massager Pillow ($50) from Amazon here. 

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