The Key to a Deliciously Creamy Pumpkin Soup is a Stick Blender

The Key to a Deliciously Creamy Pumpkin Soup is a Stick Blender
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The cool change in the air can only mean one thing: It’s soup season. Aside from a delicious family recipe, the key to a good ol’ nostalgia-triggering homemade soup is how well it’s blended. Enter: A stick mixer

Stick mixers, also known as stick blenders, immersion blenders or handheld blenders, are a quick and easy way to make sure your soup has that beautiful, velvet-like, creamy consistency. A stick mixer has a mini motor on one end and blades on the other. It has a power button on the rubber handle that you press naturally as you grip, so it’s comfortable to hold while you blend.

While they’re not as powerful as the countertop blenders that you’d use for smoothies and things, they’re way more convenient and practical when it comes to creating your own dips, sauces and soups. The beauty of them comes from the fact that you can puree the soup directly in the pot without having to transfer it to and from a blender. The same goes for when you just want to whip some cream or make a sauce or dressing in a bowl.

If you’re low on kitchen storage space, you can also get stick mixers that will blend up your smoothie equally as good as your blender and take up a quarter of the space.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some good quality, affordable (some of them are even on sale) stick mixers that are worth adding to your cart.

Salta Stainless Steel Portable Stick Hand Blender $35.99

This simple, stainless steel stick mixer from Salta is easy to use and even easier to store. It’s slim, sleek design means you can find a home for this little mixer in your draw, pantry or cupboard and whip it out as necessary. It’s got a powerful 800W DC motor, 2-speed options, a stainless steel blade and a detachable shaft for easy cleaning. It’s perfect for chopping, mincing, pureeing and blending. If you’re not much of a chef, but love a soup in winter, this stick mixer is probably one of the most affordable, user-friendly stick mixers.

Buy the Salta Stainless Steel Portable Stick Hand Blender ($35.99) from Amazon here.

Russell Hobbs RHSM700 3-in-1 Classic Hand Blender $49

If you’re looking for value for money, this classic handheld blender from Russell Hobbs is it. It comes with a beaker, mini chopper and whisk attachment so you can use it in a number of different ways in the kitchen. With a simple change of attachments, the stick mixer can be used for blending, whisking and chopping. It has 2 speed settings and a stainless steel detachable blending leg for safe cleaning and storage. 

Buy the Russell Hobbs RHSM700 3-in-1 Classic Hand Blender ($49) from Amazon here. 

Sunbeam SM7400 StickMaster Plus $79

The Sunbeam immersion blender was designed with horizontal slicing blades and vertical stabbing blades that work together to provide you with the ultimate blending capabilities. You simply attach the motor body to the blending wand with a simple twist and lock motion and you’re good to go. It also comes with a 1.5L beaker, a whisk and a 750ml chopper, so you can use it for all your cooking needs. 

Buy the Sunbeam SM7400 StickMaster Plus ($79) from Amazon here. 

Kenwood Triblade Handheld Blender was $109.00, now $87.20 (save $21.80)

If you’re a fan of Kenwood kitchen appliances, this stick mixer is for you. The tri-blade stick mixer combines 3 elements — angled blades to blend more food in less time, specially designed ribs to reduce suction, and a unique foot shape to stop splashing and keeping your kitchen clean. It’s easy to use, 1 speed + Turbo for your processing needs and comes with a metal wand, a plastic masher, a metal balloon whisk, and a 0.75L Beaker with a lid. Plus, this particular immersion blender is currently on sale!

Buy the Kenwood Triblade Handheld Blender (was $109.00, now $87.20 (save $21.80)) from Amazon here.

Breville The Control Grip Stick Blender $162.91 

The Breville Control Grip immersion blender features unique anti-suction technology meaning less liquid spills out of your bowl while you blend. The ergonomic trigger grip gives your hand a natural position making use easier this hand held blender. It also comes with a 1.25 Litre jug and a whisk attachment. 

Buy the Breville The Control Grip Stick Blender ($162.91) from Amazon here. 

Braun New MultiQuick Handheld Blender was $209.00, now $178.18 (save $30.82) 

Blend whole foods in seconds thanks to Braun’s immersion blender. It’s effortless to use, gives you full control and has up to 55% less suction than your regular handheld blender, making food prep a breeze. It also comes with new smart speed technology that allows you to control the pressure intuitively as you squeeze the handle. Plus, you can enjoy any food preparation thanks to the included accessories — a beaker, a whisk, a food processor and a masher

Buy the Braun New MultiQuick Handheld Blender (was $209.00, now $178.18 (save $30.82)) from Amazon here. 

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