Yes, Claw Clips Are Back, Here’s How to Relive the ’90s Hair Craze

Yes, Claw Clips Are Back, Here’s How to Relive the ’90s Hair Craze
Image: Amazon
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If your ’90s loving heart was set aflutter when scrunchies made a comeback, you’ll die over the latest trend making a resurgence. Recently, a bunch of achingly cool, off-duty models and influencers have been filling my Instagram feed sporting a range of claw hair clips.

Yep, those toothy clips you were obsessed with in primary school have quickly become the epitome of effortless, it-girl style — and this Editor’s go-to on a bad hair day. They’re also a great solution to hair bands, especially if you’re trying to look after damaged hair. They’re snagless, won’t get tangled up in your ends and won’t give your a migraine from long-term use.

My only gripe with trends like these is that once big brands see the likes of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber wearing claw clips, they immediately bring out a wildly expensive range of them.

My cheeky hack: picking up cheap multipacks on Amazon for under $25. You can find a range of pastel clips, tortoiseshell ones, sleek metallic style clips and a bunch of different shaped claws, that will cost you a quarter of the price and come with backups, you know in case one snaps — we’ve all felt that pain.

Below, I’ve graciously shared my favourite claw hair clips from Amazon that won’t break the bank so you can try the trend. You’re welcome!

Questa Life Big Hair Claw Clips (4pk) $8.39

Let’s start with the OG tortoiseshell clip. This 4 pack contains 2 darker tortoiseshell clips, one light one and a black clip. They’re made from a high-quality plastic acrylic material and a safe metal spring. The biggest feature of these giant hairpins is that they are flexible, durable, easy to use, not easy to break and won’t damage your hair like a hairband can. 

Buy the Questa Life Big Hair Claw Clips (4pk $8.39) from Amazon here. 

SWSTINLING Big Claw Clips (6pk) $11.50

Pull your locks up into an effortlessly cool style with one of these pastel coloured clips. Made from a high-quality plastic and metal spring, they’re strong, durable and come in 6 different colourways — blue, pastel pink, bright pink, soft green, dusty orange and black — so you can pair it with any outfit. 

Buy the SWSTINLING Big Claw Clips (6pk $11.50) from Amazon here. 

Aileam Large Claw Hair Clips (2pk) $19.75

Whether you’ve got thick, thin, long or short hair, these French styled large clips are perfect for creating quick, easy hairstyles. Made of acrylic resin and alloy, they’re strong and durable material means you’ll get long-term use out of them. Plus, the unique squared-off style adds an edgy vibe to any look. 

Buy the Aileam Large Claw Hair Clips (2pk $19.75) from Amazon here. 

Dazzfond Large Hair Claw Clips (3pk) $24.10

Similar to the above, these large clips from Dazzfond are a chic, squared-off shape and comes with three colour choices — tan, black and white. The teeth are made from a smooth material that helps to reduce the damage to the hair, while the lightweight design means no pressure on the head. So say so-long to that tight migraine from hairbands. 

Buy the Dazzfond Large Hair Claw Clips (3pk $24.10) from Amazon here. 

SSGGJP Hair Claw Banana Clips (2 pk) $12.49

If your hair is on the short side, these banana clips for a quick and easy way to style your hair. Coming in two chic tortoiseshell colourways, they’re the perfect alternative to messy bobby pins and knotty hair bands. 

Buy the SSGGJP Hair Claw Banana Clips (2pk $12.49) from Amazon here.

YMHPRIDE Mini Hair Claw Clips (6pk) $17.83

Another option for those with shorter locks, are these cute mini claw clips. They come in a range of beautiful marbled tortoiseshell colours like pastel pinks, blues, cream and more. They’re a sleek, French design and are non slip, stronghold claws, perfect for thinner hair. 

Buy the YMHPRIDE Mini Hair Claw Clips (6pk $17.83) from Amazon here. 

TANG SONG Large Metal Hair Claw Clips (4pk) $12.99

These babies are a fresh take on the classic ’90s. They’re a simple and elegant way to style your hair. Despite the minimal design, they’ve got a stronghold and will work in thicker hair. They also come in a range of metallic jewellery colours, so you can pair it perfectly with your accessories. 

Buy the TANG SONG Large Metal Hair Claw Clips (4pk) $12.99 from Amazon here. 

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