The Best Blanket Hoodies so You Don’t Freeze Your Bits off This Winter

The Best Blanket Hoodies so You Don’t Freeze Your Bits off This Winter
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It’s official that time of year where we don’t want to leave our bed, and the desire to stay in and snuggle only gets stronger once the temperature drops. Luckily, we’re living in 2021 and there’s a very simple solution to our chilly problems – the blanket hoodie (also known as the wearable blanket).

If you’ve ever wished you could drape your doona around you all day, this is essentially a version of that which still allows you to use your hands and go about your day. Below, we’ve rounded up 13 of our favourite blanket hoodies that’ll keep you snug as a bug (and looking good doing it).

THE COMFY Original Wearable Blanket, $59.99 

If you think you might’ve seen a blanket hoodie on TV one time, this is the one you would’ve seen. As seen on Shark Tank, THE COMFY made its big debut and quite literally warmed the world’s heart. Made from plush, fluffy sherpa, this wearable blanket comes with a pocket at the front to keep your hands toasty too. It’s also machine washable which is a big win in our books.

Fomoom Wearable Blanket, $42.96

For all the tall guys who are concerned their wearable blanket might cut off at the hips, this is the one for you. It’s generously oversized so your entire body can feel the heat.

Dreamscene Tie-Dye Hoodie, $34.60

This pastel pine tie-dye number is all kinds of chic. The cuffed wrists also makes it easy to go about your business without the sleeves getting in your way – so if you’re keen to keep it on while doing the housework, go right ahead.

INTIMO Harry Potter Hoodie, $134.07

This hoodie is a standout for obvious reasons. Any Harry Potter fan would love to get their hands on this one, so if you know someone who’s a real Potterhead – this is the perfect gift for them.

SumaidaAU Nutella Blanket Hoodie, $53.99

If your love for Nutella is so strong you’re keen to brandish it across your entire body, this is the blanket for you. The oversized pocket is also a great place to store snacks, just saying.

Reversible Blanket Hoodie, $89.99

If you’re someone who frequently changes their mind, a reversible hoodie is the perfect solution. If you wake up one day and decide you don’t want to wear the leisurely llamas design on your hoodie, just give it a switch-up and change it to the sherpa side.

Leopard Wearable Blanket, $113.12

Leopard print is a fashion statement in and of itself, so this hoodie really speaks for itself. You could probably wear it down to the shops without being judged.

Teddy Sherpa Hoodie, $34

This hoodie is made from sherpa fleece and flannel so you know it’s extra warm. The temperature control zipper also allows you to adjust the level of warmth depending on how toasty you want to be.

Pom-Pom Hooded Blanket, $85.46

If you’ve ever dreamed of a trip to the North Pole, this blanket will take you there. It doesn’t have sleeves but if you’re keen for more of a blanket cape look – this is the one for you.

Bengal Tiger Wearable Robe, $109.85

Tiger King – enough said.

Bobor Blanket Hoodie, $60.73 

This hoodie’s best feature is the fact that it’s windproof. This means you can wear it outdoors to a sports game or even to take out the rubbish and you’ll still feel snuggly warm. Win.

Keluomanduo Oversized Hoodie Sweatshirt, $48.99

This wearable blanket is very cute with its fur-lined hood and pockets. It’s also machine washable if you happen to drop spaghetti down your front one night which is handy.

The Oodie Pizza Blanket Hoodie, $107.41 

The Oodie has skyrocketed to cult status for its fun patterned hoodies that are as colourful as they are warm. There area million designs to choose from but this pizza one stood out for obvious reasons. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your next pizza night. They also have an equally adorable koala and otter oodie if cute animals are more your thing.

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