Why Your Medicine Cabinet Needs a Basal Body Thermometer

Why Your Medicine Cabinet Needs a Basal Body Thermometer
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Considering we’ve all had our temperatures checked more times in the last year than we probably have in our lifetime, it’s probably about time we all invested in a basal body thermometer for your home first aid kit.

Basal body temperature is the term used to describe your at-rest (healthy) temperature. That’s because a fever (any temperature higher than 36-37 degrees in adults) typically means your body is dealing with an infection like your common cold, the flu, and yes, even COVID-19.

Not only are they a reliable way for checking the body’s basal temperature when you’re sick, but some research suggests it can help aid in fertility awareness too.

When you’re ovulating, your temperature goes up slightly and when you keep track of your monthly temperature trends (along with other bodily signs i.e. discharge/cramps), you can determine any patterns and predict when you’re likely ovulating — especially when you use them simultaneously with fertility tracking apps.

Whether you opt for a standard digital oral thermometer or a non-contact thermometer (the ones that use readings from your forehead or inner ear), these devices can provide quick and accurate reading to help you track body temperature and figure out what might be going on.

If your household is currently missing this health essential, no worries. We’ve rounded up a range of basal body thermometers worth adding to your cart.

The Best Family Non-Contact Thermometer 

Fruit Twister Digital Forehead Thermometer $25.50

There’s a reason this non-contact thermometer has a 5-star rating and is a No#1 best seller on Amazon! Designed to be clinically accurate and fast, this digital forehead thermometer has 3 infrared sensors that head to deliver an accurate reading in just a second. The easy to read screen changes colours to visually show you if your loved one has a fever or not using a traffic light system — green for no fever, yellow for a low fever or red for a high fever warning. You can use the thermometer to check forehead temperature, or even use it to check the temperature of milk or food and even objects. With multiple modes this versatile thermometer is useful around the house. The thermometer will also record the last 35 temperature readings, to allow you to track it over time. 

Buy the Fruit Twister Digital Forehead Thermometer ($25.50) from Amazon here. 

The Best Basal Thermometer For Fertility 

Femometer Smart Basal Thermometer $65.54

If you’re looking to add a smart thermometer to your medical cabinet, this one from Femometer should do the trick. The Femometer measures oral temperature, which is more accurate than armpit temperature and more convenient than rectal temperature. If you’re using the data for fertility awareness, it can be instantly uploaded to the complimentary app via Bluetooth. The intelligent app auto-generates BBT (basal body temperature) curve so you don’t have to manually enter results.

The device can store up to 300 temperature checks, which allows you to sync with the app later and all data is securely stored in the Cloud. In the calendar of the app, it auto marks your fertile window, period and ovulation date, plus you can manually enter notes to improve accuracy. The app also allows you to set up an alarm clock, so you can easily measure BBT at the same time every day, to give a more accurate prediction. The app will provide a more comprehensive understanding of your fertility after 3-month usage.

Buy the Femometer Smart Basal Thermometer ($65.54) from Amazon here. 

The Best Baby Thermometer (Forehead & Ear)

Ritalia Baby Thermometer $51.95

Buy the Ritalia Baby Thermometer ($51.95) from Amazon here. 

Ideal for your medicine cabinet or baby bag, this basal body thermometer from Ritalia will give you a fast and accurate reading for your baby every time. Equipped with the newest fever detection algorithm, this forehead and ear thermometer is engineered to precisely detect a fever in 1-2 seconds only. The thermometer lights up green for a healthy temperature and red for an elevated temperature of 38º C and higher. The forehead check is suitable for all ages, while the ear check only works for babies over 3 months. You can also measure the ambient temperature and the temperature of the objects like baby milk or food. 

The Best Basal Body Thermometer For Travel 

Venus Visage Medical Digital Thermometer $14.99

This basal body thermometer from Venus Visage delivers quick, accurate temperature readings easily. Design wise, the tip is flexible and ensures it is comfortable to check your temperature in seconds for either your baby, child, pet or yourself. The thermometer has three temperature measurement modes, oral, rectal and under the arm. It also comes with a storage case so that you can keep it clean and conveniently carry it with you when you travel. 

Buy the Venus Visage Medical Digital Thermometer ($14.99) from Amazon here. 

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