What’s Open Over the Easter Long Weekend?

What’s Open Over the Easter Long Weekend?

We have another long weekend creeping up, which means extra days off work (yay!) and more time to chill on the couch – I mean spend time with loved ones (double yay).

The Easter weekend kicks off with Good Friday on Friday, April 2 and travels through to Easter Monday on April 5. That means Easter gives us two public holidays to take advantage of on both Friday and Monday.

However, as any public holiday situation goes, there will be changes to your standard day-to-day, so best start planning your approach to the upcoming business closures now.

Here’s what is open, and what isn’t, over the Easter long weekend


Most supermarkets are closed on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Generally, you’ll find stores open on Easter Saturday and Easter Monday, but do check your local supermarket before heading over.

Check out your local Coles and Woolworths hours.

Mail Services:

Australia Post Offices are generally closed on all public holidays. So, that would include Good Friday and Easter Monday. Mail services are closed on Sundays.

Bottle shops:

Bottle shops will be closed on Easter Friday. However, if you’re after a drink you may have some luck with local producers or bars who offer takeaway – just check in and see if they’re trading.

Other dates around the Easter break do not broadly impact bottle shop sales. However, it is worth checking local rules for Easter Sunday. Easter Monday may see holiday hours in place.


Yes, people still go to the movies! Certain cinemas will be open across the entire Easter long weekend. Check with your local spot to see what is available.

Waste collection:

Bins will widely not be collected on Good Friday. In most cases this will be delayed until Saturday, April 3, however, check with your local council to confirm.

Shopping Centres:

Many shopping centres will be closed on Good Friday. Some are also closed on Easter Sunday, with holiday hours in place for Easter Monday. Check your local Westfield’s trading hours here.


This will depend on your bank and state. But generally-speaking, banks are closed on Good Friday. Some will be closed right through to Easter Tuesday on April 6, however.

Food and food delivery:

Some hospitality venues are open across the public holiday period – which means some delivery services will be available, too. Check in with your favourite restaurants and cafes as they may very well be open for business.

Now that you’re clued up on what will and will not be available to you from late next week, you can start setting up your plans for all that long weekend prep. Just don’t be one of those people who panic-buys the entire supermarket on the day before the Easter long weekend, okay?

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