6 Skipping Ropes That Will Give Your Fitness a Jump Start

6 Skipping Ropes That Will Give Your Fitness a Jump Start
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If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness but the thought of going for a run is too daunting, investing in a skipping rope is a great place to start. Using a jump rope can be a great cardio workout whether you’re aiming for a double under, sorting out your rope rhythm for optimal performance or using it as part of an ongoing fitness challenge.

Skipping rope is a simple, largely affordable bit of gym kit that can be stored in near to no space, and only really requires a clear area around where you’ll be jumping and skipping to get into use. You can skip rope outside or inside in just about any weather, and to any kind of music you’d care to listen to as well.

All you need is a rope to skip with. Here’s a selection of skipping ropes available at Amazon Australia for you to consider.

Lightning Triumph Skipping Rope $6.95

A basic and affordable model with an adjustable length and memory foam handles for added comfort.

Intex Adjustable Jump Rope $4.99

A wire cabled jump rope for added durability.

5Billion Fitness Speed Jump Rope $18.99

A lightweight speed rope with grooves for your thumbs to fit in.

Stealth Sports Speed Jump Rope $15.49

A very lightweight rope set with aluminium handles.

Zelfver Skipping Rope 2 Pack $29.99

Great for speed and endurance training.

Weighted Jump Rope $52.08

Kick your workout up a notch by adding some extra weight in.

Working out with another person can be a great way to stay enthusiastic about your exercise regime, and could be a good gateway to improving your sex life too, so why not give it a go?

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