7 Common Causes for Hair Loss and How to Prevent It

7 Common Causes for Hair Loss and How to Prevent It
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Hair loss is a condition that impacts many people of all ages and genders. The exact cause can vary from person to person, with things like genetics, hormonal changes, medical conditions and natural ageing all playing a part. Anyone can lose hair on their head but it’s typically more common in men. While there is no official cure, there are a variety of treatments available to help – it’s just about finding the right one for you.

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How can you prevent hair loss from occurring?

When it comes to treating hair loss, consistency is key. In the same way that some people have a regular exercise or skincare routine, having a hair care routine can help to improve the health of your hair.

There’s no one solution for fighting hair loss, as these different causes affect individuals in different ways. If you’re currently suffering from hair loss. Gro is a clinic that specialises in hair growth, and offer treatments that are tailored to your health, lifestyle and the stage of hair loss that you’re currently at.

You don’t even need to visit the clinic in person. Gro offers an online assessment to determine what stage of loss you’re currently at, and will give you access to both specialists and treatments at the click of a button.

If you’re currently suffering from hair loss and want to hold off going bald as long as you can, check out Gro’s helpful hair care solutions here.

What are the common causes?

This infographic explains seven common causes of baldness and how to fix them, and comes from the folicle boffins at Lloyds Pharmacy. As explained below, the cause of male hair loss can be broken down into three groups: genetic, lifestyle factors and skin conditions. Sadly, not all of the aforementioned causes are preventable, but it is possible for modern-day Samsons to mitigate the damage in various ways.

7 Common Causes for Hair Loss and How to Prevent It
Image: Lloyds Pharmacy


  • Yeah, being bald sucks.

    I really miss having to get (and pay for) haircuts. And the additional spare time in the mornings not spent taming the mane is a real inconvenience.

  • I often spot baldies staring at me sadly as I run my fingers through my thick mane of lustrous curls.
    I hate you so much.

    Im not even 30 and I look like a ‘cliche uni professor’ with the wrap around look starting leaving the top slowly thinning.
    I feel like the before shot of an ‘advanced hair, yeah yeah’ ad on Tv.
    My diet is great, genetics are a non issue (my grandfather has more hair than me), im a very passive person and my skin is in decent condition.
    There is only one possible explination… im adopted…

    • DHT is also a large factor.. The DHT receptor gene is on the X chromosome, so IF there is any baldness prevalent with your mother or her side of the family, this is most likely a indeed a genetic issue.

  • I have no sympathy for Man Bun wearing hippies wearing it too tight, they clearly have no idea how ridiculous they look. Plus, what’s with this trend of shaving the sides of your head and leaving the top to grow wild?

  • Hmmmm…

    Headline: “Seven Ways To Prevent Hair Loss”
    Yet the first 2 (of 7) reasons are things you can’t do anything about!

    Please explain how I can change my genes or stop getting older.

      • Minoxidil has been around for years and doesn’t work. The other one must be new – never heard of it. If it was as claimed – at 90% I think everyone would have heard of it.

        So, another article with bad advice.

        • Finastetide is not that new and does work with a few catches. It only stops thinning, it won’t stop a receding hairline, won’t regrow hair fully and has been linked to increased cancer risk. I took it from 20-27 (when the doctor told me about the cancer risk) and have a lot more hair than my cousin who seems to have the same genes.

        • The other treatment (finasteride) has been around for years too. It’s just more commonly used help men with prostate enlargement to urinate properly.

          It does reduce male pattern baldness – by reducing testosterone production. Seems a poor deal: you keep your hair, but develop moobs and become impotent. Clearly having hair is very important to some people.

  • I just had a gastric sleeve done and a bit worried that I will start loosing hair as I drop the weight, berocca only has so many vitamins in it, and can only drink so much. Will be so sad if I loose a lot of hair.

  • If you do happen to suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, just try to channel Mitch Pileggi as AD Skinner in the X-Files. No other man has ever rocked this hairstyle with the power and panache as Pileggi.

  • 46 and when I caught up with old school mates recently after 20+ years. I was asked if I dye my hair! I laughed so hard as Vanity and me do not go together!!! So, I am getting a tad sparser up top, but hey, it’s all the same colour and as it is on my head and I can’t see it, who cares?

  • Best cure I’ve seen is to get rich creating an online payment gateway then start an electric car company.

    Not sure what Elon did but it seems to be working.

  • Hair loss, yeah, bad. When u think about it, any so called hair loss solutions are not really solutions. If there was a 100% foolproof way to prevent it, that person/company would be worth zillions and that has not happened. In other words, like me, ya just gotta live with it (Or without it).

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