This 2-in-1 Phillips ProBlend Beats a Stick Blender Any Day

This 2-in-1 Phillips ProBlend Beats a Stick Blender Any Day
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I’m no pro in the kitchen, but COVID-19 was the push that came to shove for me to change that. From smoothies to soups, the Phillips ProBlend 5000 was a step in the right direction.

Of course, the NutriBullet and portable blenders alike are something people rave about in this space, but if you’ve got a partner you’re constantly sharing drinks and meals with, or like to entertain more people than just yourself, a larger blender is a better bet. Besides, it also comes with an extra blender cup for all your on-the-go needs (but more on that below).

I’ve had this blender for three months now, and here’s what I loved (and didn’t love so much) about the product.

What’s good?

The Phillips ProBlend is incredibly easy to use, with all the pieces (the blade, pitcher, blender cup, lid and lid insert) a cinch to dismantle and put back together. If you’re someone who’s constantly getting frustrated with instructions, you’ll be delighted. All the pieces are also dishwasher safe, which is a dream given how much of a pain in the butt blenders can be to clean.

The additional portable cup, complete with a lid, is perfect for when either of us is on the go – extra handy for my partner, who is a tradie, to blitz a smoothie and head off to work in record time. It also defeats the need to have a smaller NutriBullet style machine for this, and a bigger pitcher-style blender for the larger recipes. Two birds, one blender.

phillips problend blender phillips blender
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The Phillips ProBlend is super powerful. I have the 1000W version. I don’t have, nor have I tried, the 1400W motor version (which is $80 extra) but I can safely say the more affordable option does everything I need it to.

It gets through frozen berries in little to no time, and I’m now kind of addicted to making soups, thanks to the pitcher being heat resistant. The pitcher’s lid insert also doubles as a measuring cup, meaning you can add things in while the blender is already full (I am extremely fearful of a blender’s ingredients flying everywhere so haven’t done this while the blender is on, and am absolutely not recommending it).

Given the pitcher holds 2L, it’s been another reason for me to make a huge batch of soup for the week ahead. Potato and leek and roast tomato & basil are my go-tos. It beats a stick blender in this regard and also tricks me into thinking I’m eating better than I am.

What’s not so good?

It’s kind of loud but that’s a given – aren’t all blenders? By now we all know not to use them while anyone in the house is asleep, or in front of infants who may get shocked and cry. The good thing about the Phillips ProBlend blender is that the pitcher’s big enough to make quantities ahead of time, remember?

Another thing that could make this product better would be for there to be a spare blade. At one point I thought I lost it and that my new-found soup life was ruined, but if you’re an organised person this won’t phase you.

Another thing – while I’ve made pesto in this blender, and it tasted a dream, it would have been faster if there was a smaller attachment, leaving less room for the ingredients to fly around. The continuously adjustable speed can also take you by surprise if you turn the dial too hard. My tip? Ease into it. You’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

The verdict

All in all, I rate this over a stick blender 100% because you essentially get a stick blender and pitcher blender in one. It’s also changed my lifestyle for the better, and I think we can safely say we’re all looking for seamless ways to do that.

That being said, if you’re living alone or never have the need to make sizeable meals, you could probably get away with a stick blender, instead.

At an RRP of $199 it’s not the cheapest thing in the world, but a worthy investment for your life. The Phillips blender is also 35% off at Amazon at the moment, making it $129 (save $70). If your mum needs one this Mother’s Day, it also makes for a solid gift that’ll actually benefit her life.

Beats another mug, right?

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