Honeycomb Pasta Is TikTok’s Latest Assault on Food

Honeycomb Pasta Is TikTok’s Latest Assault on Food

If you suffer from trypophobia look away because TikTok’s latest pasta trend is none other than honeycomb pasta. The social media world has been divided by this latest sensation, which is basically a crossover between cannelloni and lasagna.

What is honeycomb pasta?

Honeycomb pasta is the name of what is essentially the epitome of indulgence.

The trend first rose to prominence on TikTok thanks to Anna Rothfuss, who documented her making of honeycomb pasta for all to see. Check it out below.



This honeycomb pasta is so good!! 🍝 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #pasta #cookinghacks #yum

♬ original sound – Anna Rothfuss

As you can see, honeycomb pasta is basically a pasta pie.

How do you make it?

You start by lining up your cylindrical rigatoni pasta in a cake tin so that they’re standing vertically. Rothfuss then adds chunks of string cheese, or cheese sticks, into each pasta tube.

She then slathers a layer of pasta sauce on top, followed by chunks of cooked meat (optional). Finally, she pops even more shredded cheese on top and places the creation in the oven.

When it comes out of the oven the honeycomb pasta stands up like a cheesy pasta cake.

To be fair, honeycomb pasta is just another name for what is essentially a rigatoni pie – which is nothing new. But this video has certainly made it popular again. To date, the video has over 13 million views.

It’s easy to see why. The dish really only requires four ingredients and a bit of creative prep work before you have a delicious, overly cheesy pasta meal for the week.

Although, not everyone feels the same way. Many commenters were divided over the dish, with some saying Italians are rolling in their graves at the thought of this latest pasta trend.

Plenty of others have taken this idea and run with it, modifying the recipe how they see fit. Some have chosen to make their own home pasta sauce, to replace the tinned variety, or have substituted the cheese sticks with mozzarella balls, ricotta or something similar.

If you’re keen on TikTok’s last pasta trend, the infamous feta pasta, then one blogger even found a way to combine the two – creating honeycomb feta pasta.


Reply to @_freilina pasta cake aka honeycomb rigatoni but make it #bakedfetapasta style! #recipe #pasta #pastacake #honeycomb #rigatoni

♬ –

What do you reckon? Is honeycomb pasta a stroke of genius or a curse on the pasta name?

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