IKEA’s New Lego Series Comes With Iconic Instruction Manuals

IKEA’s New Lego Series Comes With Iconic Instruction Manuals
Image: IKEA

As soon as you hear the words ‘IKEA and Lego’ you know you’re in for a time. The collaboration is a match made from heaven. What do you get when two construction giants with iconic manuals join forces? IKEA furniture made out of Lego, that’s what.

Earlier in the year, Lego and IKEA released their first furniture set BYGGLEK. The collection of boxes provided unique storage selections for Lego collectors everywhere.

Not only could they store Lego bricks but you could also use them as building bases thanks to their Lego-studded lids. There’s also a BYGGLEK set of coloured Lego bricks to go with them.

Now for their next trick, IKEA is translating its furniture to Lego.

How to build IKEA furniture with your bricks

IKEA Lego furniture manual
Image: IKEA

IKEA furniture is pretty iconic on its own. The sleek Swedish designs with hard to pronounce names and deceptively simple instruction manuals are all part of the IKEA experience. Now, you can recreate it in miniature with Lego!

IKEA Australia has released three instruction manuals for recreating its classic furniture sets with BYGGLEK Lego. Fans can now recreate the KLIPPAN couch, MALM bed and GRONLID armchair in their homes.

The assembly guides resemble IKEA’s classic layout for furniture guides. Hopefully, they’re a lot easier to build in miniature.

Customers can access the IKEA BYGGLEK Lego guides from the website here.

Where can you get IKEA Lego?

IKEA and Lego’s collaboration is currently for sale in IKEA stores across Australia, however, in limited quantities. IKEA expects more stock to become available by the end of April.

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • BYGGLEK Lego brick set, 201 mixed colours – $35
  • BYGGLEK Lego box with lid set of 3, white – $20
  • BYGGLEK Lego box with lid 26x18x12, white – $20
  • BYGGLEK Lego box with lid 35x26x12, white – $22

You can order the BYGGLEK set from IKEA online or check the website to see if it’s in stock at your local store.

Lego can be a great source of mindfulness, even more so now that you can live out your interior decorating fantasies. Hopefully, it won’t take long for IKEA to translate more of its iconic range into Lego form so you can build your dream house.

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