We’ve Rounded Up 14 Of The Best Gifts Under $100

We’ve Rounded Up 14 Of The Best Gifts Under $100
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When you think of cheap gifts you probably think of something tacky and horrible (like a novelty keychain). In reality, opting for a cheap gift can be a great idea if you know where to find the right ones. The key is to buy something they’ll actually find useful so it won’t become another dust collector. 

Here’s our pick of 14 cheap gifts they’ll actually thank you for. In fact, you could probably get a few things from this list and still be under $100 – that’s some savvy shopping.

RENPHO Mini Massage Gun ($76.49)

Almost everyone has something to be stressed about these days, so why not give them the gift of an on-call massage? This gun is extremely popular for blasting away pain and stress, coming with 4 heads and 5 modes so they can tailor their stress relief every time.

Pummel their stress away here. 

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The Comfy Hooded Blanket ($50.99)

Given that the weather is dramatically dropping, everyone is looking for new ways to rug up. A blanket hoodie might look a little funny but it’s the perfect way to keep toasty warm. Trust us, they’ll thank you for this one once they’ve put it on.

Keep them warm and cosy here. 

We’ve Rounded Up 14 Of The Best Gifts Under $100

Hot Seat Card Game ($28) 

If you’re feeling a little cheeky, this card game is a great one to pull out at their next dinner party. It asks questions like, ‘What would you never do unless you’re drunk?’ and is guaranteed to cause some laughs and possibly a riot. They’ll love having something fun to whip out at the next games night (or family night, if you’re that kind of clan).

Let the games begin here.

Father's Day Gifts Under $100
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Echo Dot 3rd Gen ($59) 

They’ll feel like the absolute king of the castle with the 3rd Generation Echo Dot. Being one of the most compact smart speakers around, you can control your music and smart home through Alexa’s voice command capabilities. They can plan their commute, check the weather and call you while they’re making dinner with incredible ease. 

Their smart home awaits them here. 

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12-Month Shudder Subscription ($56.99) 

If they’re a fan of a little spook then a Shudder subscription is the perfect gift for them (plus there’s no delivery required so you can leave it till the last minute). They can stream every kind of horror flick imaginable (and they have some absolutely doozies on there). A year’s worth of scares will set you back $56.99 which is an eerily good deal. 

Give them a good scare with a Shudder subscription here. 

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The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey ($22.53)

This is one of those books that practically everyone has heard of but not many have actually read. It’s a classic must-read for any business-minded reader who loves solving problems.

Transform the way they live their life here.

Father's Day Gifts Under $100
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The Balvenie 12-Year Old Scotch Malt Whisky ($92) 

Made in the popular Beyside region of Scotland, this drop has been aged in an oak barrel for 12 years before making its way Down Under. If they loves their scotch, they’ll appreciate you till no end for this one (especially after they’ve had a few glasses). Told you cheap gifts don’t have to be tacky. 

Give them a premium pour here. 

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Personalised Family Name Serving Board ($64.99)

A personalised serving board is the perfect way for them to brandish the family crest upon everyone they entertain. No guest will enjoy cheese in your house without paying respect to the name. 

Let them brandish the family name here. 

Father's Day Gifts Under $100
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Case Of 6 Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz ($67)

Those with a nose for great wine will be delighted by six bottles of this Koonunga Hill Shiraz from Penfolds. With dark berry and oak notes, it’s a strong yet sippable drop they’ll love pairing with a juicy red steak at dinner. 

Nab a 6 pack of this premium drop here. 

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Belkin Wireless Charging Pad ($58.55) 

Say hello to their new bedside table bestie. A wireless charging pad is the handy device they never knew their life was missing. No longer must they wrestle with pesky wires, they can just plonk their phone down beside them and wake up feeling fully refreshed with a fully charged phone. 

Make sure they’re never left with low battery again here. 

Father's Day Gifts Under $100
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7 Piece Chef Knife Set ($34.95) 

Kitchen knives are one of those non-negotiable household essentials. You need them for just about everything so it’s important to invest in a decent set (that doesn’t cost you the earth, of course). This chef-quality set is guaranteed to dazzle them – with a knife for all their chopping and dicing needs. It’s hard to believe you can grab it all for under $50 (but your secret is safe with us).  

Have them chopping like Gordon Ramsay here. 

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Sheepskin Ugg Slippers ($48.00)

Nothing will soothe their wintry sole (pun absolutely intended) like a pair of toasty slippers to warm their tootsies and their heart. Handmade and high-quality, it’s only the best for their feet. 

Keep them snug as a bug here. 

Father's Day Gifts Under $100
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Koko Black The Liqueur & Spirits Collection 18 Piece ($44.90)

It just goes without saying that chocolates are always a winner. This box combines the best of both worlds – choccies and booze. They can chow down on the finest selection of milk and dark chocolate pralines infused with cheeky liqueurs and spirits.

Grab a box of goodies from Koko Black here. 

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