The Fastest Way to Revive Your Clothes is With a Fabric Shaver

The Fastest Way to Revive Your Clothes is With a Fabric Shaver
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Ever tried on your favourite outfit only to realise there’s some nasty pilling going on in the underarm or thigh area that’s made your ‘fit look tired and worn? You’re not alone. Any time clothes or furniture starts to pill it looks haggard and like it needs to be replaced — which sucks, especially if you’re trying to be more conscious of your environmental impact.

But friends, there is a way you can bring both your favourite ‘fits and furniture back to life for under 30 bucks. I’m talking about the nifty little home-care appliances called fabric shavers (or pilling machine).

These little lifesavers are so easy to use you’ll wish you brought one sooner. To use fabric shavers, you simply adjust the machine to cater for your fabric and the height required to remove the little pills and glide the shaver over the area in circular motions. Be sure the fabric is pulled taut in the areas you’re working on and try to only use it when your fabric is laid on a flat surface, so you don’t accidentally cut through it.

Always read your fabric shavers instructions before you plug ‘er in and have at it though.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the best fabric shavers for under $30.

Philips Fabric Shaver was $19.95, now $16.95 (save $3.00)

All you need to remove pilling from your clothes is some AA batteries and this chic little device. It also comes with three different blade sizes, so you can remove all kinds of pilling for a range of fabrics. 

Buy the Philips Fabric Shaver ($16.95) from Amazon here. 

OzStar Lint Remover $29.95

Bring your clothes, carpets, lounges, car seats and more back to life with the OzStar Lint Remover. It’s a fast, simple way to remove unsightly pilling. 

Buy the OzStar Lint Remover ($29.95) from Amazon here. 

Huhushop Portable Fabric Shaver $27.69

This little fuzz removing machine is portable and compact, easy to use. It is suitable for sweaters, sweatshirts, pants, blankets and more. One quick shave and your clothes will be good as new. 

Buy the Huhushop Portable Fabric Shaver ($27.69) from Amazon here. 

ULTPEAK Fabric Shaver $19.99

This little baby can remove all types of lint within minutes without damaging clothes or fabrics. It’s quick and easy to use, so you can remove pilling confidently without cutting through the fabric. 

Buy the ULTPEAK Fabric Shaver ($19.99) from Amazon here. 

Remington FuzzAway Fabric Shaver $17.21

The Remington FuzzAway Fabric Shaver is lightweight and space-efficient, making it easy to keep your clothes in pristine condition. Plus, loose threads and fuzzes collect in the removable storage compartment for easy disposal.

Buy the Remington FuzzAway Fabric Shaver ($17.21) from Amazon here. 

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