Do Your Australian Duty and Vote on the Next Tim Tam Flavour

Do Your Australian Duty and Vote on the Next Tim Tam Flavour

Gone are the days when there were only four Tim Tam flavours to choose from. Nowadays, there’s an abundance of different flavours in the chocolate biscuit range, including the continually growing crafted collection of fancy Tim Tams.

And Arnotts hasn’t run out of flavours yet.

Two new Tim Tam Flavours are on offer

In its latest experiment, Arnott’s has put two new Tim Tam flavours on the table.

They are:

  • Dark Chocolate Banoffee
  • Caramelised Pineapple

They’re two rich and fruity flavours inspired by some decadent desserts.

I can’t say how exactly these will translate to a Tim Tam biscuit but I’d expect Banoffee will have a creamy banana taste and caramelised pineapple will emphasise the sweet rather than sour notes of pineapple. Both will also benefit from that gooey caramel that Tim Tam does so well.

You might also be able to judge how these will go based on previous Tim Tam flavours.

Years ago Arnott’s released a set of Tim Tams inspired by cocktails, which gave us a virgin Pina Colada. That’s the closest we’ve gotten to pineapple in a Tim Tam flavour, but pineapple + chocolate has historically gone well with other brands (looking at you, Pineapple lumps).

There was also the limited edition choc banana Tim Tams, which is likely our closest clue when it comes to how Banoffee will taste.

The choice of flavour is up to you

I’m asking you to think this hard about Tim Tam flavours because the choice of which flavour we get next is literally up to you.

Arnott’s announced these new flavours on its social media accounts earlier this week, with the condition that we can only have one.

Voting is open through to Sunday, April 18. You can cast your vote via Tim Tam’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The last time I checked the votes were hanging around 53% for Banoffee vs 47% for pineapple. As Australians, it’s really just part of our civic duty to vote on our national biscuit. So get in there and let your vote be heard.

The winning Tim Tam will be available on Coles shelves from July 19.


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