Try These Aussie Supermarket Cake Hacks For Epic Desserts

Try These Aussie Supermarket Cake Hacks For Epic Desserts

Ahh, the humble supermarket mud cake. It’s a dense, sugar-filled and affordable dessert that is not only ideal for last-minute celebrations, but an incredibly underrated bakery essential. As good as these low-price, high-sugar cakes are, what if I told you they could be even better, with these fun supermarket dessert hacks?

supermarket cake hacks
Credit: Coles

Supermarket Mud Cake Hacks

Instead of spending your hard-earned cash on a souped-up, gold-encrusted birthday cake, you can DIY for less than $5 at Woolworths or Coles. There’s a whole Facebook group dedicated to these hacks.

supermarket cake hacks
Credit: Facebook


Better Homes & Gardens suggests chucking your supermarket cake in the freezer before icing, and doing a crumb coat before launching into full-blown decorative mode.

If using the tried and tested Betty Crocker icing, Better Homes & Gardens suggests whipping it first. For those Instagram-worthy cake ‘drips’ use a sauce bottle, and to make sure the icing is level – forget the expensive cake making paraphernalia and use a 30cm ruler instead. 


When it comes to decorating your supermarket-bought cake, Sweet and Savoury suggests elevating it by topping it with fresh fruit or edible flowers, if you’re feeling fancy.

If you’re not counting calories, the foodie blog also recommends coating your bargain cake with gummy bears, ganache, confetti-coloured candy, or a personal favourite, lining the exterior with KitKats.

The Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book could also provide some nostalgic decorating inspiration.


If a simple supermarket cake just isn’t enough, why not slice it in halves or thirds and layer with cream for an old-fashioned vanilla sponge vibe.

Sweet and Savoury also recommends turning your store bought cake into a delicious trifle with cream, fresh strawberries and fruit. 

And we can’t possibly forget cake pops. According to Cake Whiz, all you need to do is mix your cake crumbs with frosting, roll them into balls before adding a stick, chilling and dipping in your favourite topping. Or, you could get really ambitious and attempt the selfie cake above.

Who would’ve thought $5 could go so far?

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This article was originally published in September 2020.

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