You Can Still Grab That Optus 500GB Mobile Plan for Almost Half-Off

You Can Still Grab That Optus 500GB Mobile Plan for Almost Half-Off
Image: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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Are you someone who is constantly capping your data? Well, this deal might be the answer to your problems. Optus are currently offering a discount on their 500GB SIM plan, where you’ll only have to pay $65 per month, instead of the normal $119.

This offer is available until March 31, so there isn’t much time left for you to snap it up.

The deal lasts for the first 12-months you’re with Optus, which means you’ll only pay $780 during that period, as opposed to the $1,428 you’d spend if you were paying at full price. That’s a total saving of $648 during the aforementioned deal period.

You’ve got a little bit of time to mull over whether or not it’s the right fit for you. But considering the impressive savings you’ll get from this plan, it’s a pretty attractive offer.

You can check out the deal on Optus’ 500GB plan here:

Once those first 12-months with Optus end, your monthly bill will jump back up to $119. This Optus plan is also contract free, so once that discount period has ended, you’re free to pack up your things and head to another plan or provider.

This Optus SIM plan also has network priority, along with 10GB of roaming data.

If you want to pair this new plan with a handset, you can check out a few options below. If you pick up this SIM plan while you’re paying off a new phone, you’ll also be able to bump it down to a cheaper SIM plan once the deal period ends.

How does it stack up against other SIM plans with the same amount of data? There aren’t that many out there. Vodafone have a 200GB data plan for $55 per month, but for an extra $10 you’ll get more than double the data if you go with Optus.

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