Make Prosciutto Crisps in Your Microwave

Make Prosciutto Crisps in Your Microwave
Contributor: Claire Lower

Prosciutto crisps have a decidedly mid-‘90s vibe. It seems a little wrong, a little wasteful even, to take a delicate, silky piece of paper-thin cured pork and render the fat out of it to create a meat chip. But it also tastes really good. Most people make prosciutto crisps in the oven, and weirdos make theirs with a waffle iron, but big-brained geniuses make them in the microwave.

The first time I made my salty meat chips in the microwave, which was this morning, I was floored. It was incredibly expedient, yes, but it also produced the crispiest prosciutto crisp I’ve ever had the pleasure of shattering with my teeth. The microwave effectively fried the meat in its own fat, leaving it all blistered and crackly, instead of leathery and tough. Basically, the crisps that came out of the microwave was better than any I have ever made in the oven, and it took about half a minute.

All you have to do is loosely wrap a slice of prosciutto in a paper towel, microwave it on full power for 30-40 seconds, then let it stand at room temp for about five seconds to finish crisping up. You can zap a few at a time if you need a bunch, but you may need to add 5-10 extra seconds per slice of prosciutto (the more prosciutto in that’s there, the more moisture will be released, and the longer it will take).

Once you have zapped your way to the amount of prosciutto crisps you require, crumble them up and sprinkle their salt shards over salads, tomato toasts, and bowls of pasta (carbonara would be a banger). You can also just eat them like you would any other chip.

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