How To Turn Banana Peels Into ‘Bacon’

How To Turn Banana Peels Into ‘Bacon’

Today in strange and wonderful food news on the internet, Nashville-based chef and blogger Charles Hunter III (or @thesaltedtable) has caught the attention of the masses with an interesting food hack.

In a recent Twitter thread, the chef shared that folks should not be tossing out their banana peels. Instead, they should be using them to make… wait for it… bacon.

Charles Hunter III wrote that his recipe will work for as many as two banana peels, but it can also be used on eggplant if you’d like to diversify your bacon even further.

How to make banana peel bacon

To prep your peels, you need to scrape out all of the pulp, @thesaltedtable shared. From here, you want to set those babies in “a nice smoky marinade” for a couple of hours.

You can find @thesaltedtable’s recommended marinade recipe here.

His next tip was to start the frying process in a cold pan with avocado oil and cook away on medium-low heat until your banana peel bacon looks crispy and brown.

Hunter wrote:

“I cooked it over medium-low, and flipped it a couple of times to give the marinade a break, and to control the speed at which the sugars caramelized giving you that rich brown bacon colour. Have a pan, and wire rack ready. I would not put this on a paper towel.”

He explained that it’s best consumed after those sweet little nana strips have cooled. And while this is not true bacon, obviously, “it’s a ‘decent’ alternative, and I think it tastes great, and you wouldn’t know it was banana,” Hunter shared over Twitter.

The full guide to making these golden veggie bacon strips is available in the thread below. Be warned, they look damn delicious (if you ask me).

My only remaining question is: would you give this a try?


  • This reminds me of those at a concert in a big park (forgot name) in San Francisco back in the ’60s. Some smoked the usual weeds, others banana powder. But everyone was in the same state !!
    If you believe it tastes like bacon it just might.

    • In the ‘Summer of Love’ (1966) The Berkeley Barb reported it and the Anarchist Cookbook printed a recipe.
      Despite popular belief banana had NOTHING to do with Donovans song Mellow Yellow.
      Google ‘The Great Banana Hoax’ for more info.
      The power of the mind is amazing lol

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