Get Into the Mardi Gras Spirit(s) With This Party Cocktail

Get Into the Mardi Gras Spirit(s) With This Party Cocktail
Say hello to Absolut's Queen Beach.

If you’re planning on celebrating Mardi Gras this weekend (you absolutely should be), there are a long list of ways you can do that. Check out our write up here for starters.

This year’s parade will look a little different due to COVID-19 restrictions. Instead of the usual march down Oxford St, it will all take place at the Sydney Cricket Ground. And this year’s theme, RISE, is all about “letting our spirits soar after the challenge and hardship that 2020 presented.”

If you happen to be in need of an event-appropriate cocktail to sip on, we’re happy to report that we can help you in that endeavour, also.

Absolut Vodka has shared a particularly festive recipe in honour of Mardi Gras and its pride-inspired rainbow bottle, the  Absolut Queen Beach (essentially, it’s a Sex On The Beach), and I figured it would be useful to share that goodness here.

How to make an Absolut Queen Beach cocktail


Ice cubes

20ml Absolut vodka

100ml light orange juice

100ml cranberry juice

20ml peach schnapps

1 wheel lime

1 whole cherry


Fill a highball glass with the ice cubes (let’s go a fancy glass – it’s Mardi Gras after all!). Add the vodka, schnapps and juices. Give is a little mix and garnish with the lime and cherry.

Lah-dah! Too easy not to make a few.

Just to make you feel even better about this delicious number, $5 from every limited edition Absolut rainbow bottle vodka sold will be donated to a range of grassroots LGBTIQA+ charities in regional and rural Australia.

Plus that stunning rainbow bottle is made from at least 41% recycled glass. How good.

And if you’re going all out and getting dolled up for Mardi Gras, it’s good to know that eco-friendly glitter is a thing now. Let that spirit shine.

So without further ado, sip, sip away!


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