5 Car Insurance Extras You Don’t Think You Need (But Probably Do)

5 Car Insurance Extras You Don’t Think You Need (But Probably Do)
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Taking out a new car insurance policy is one of life’s unavoidable admin tasks. If you’re a car owner, then you already know how time-consuming it can be to sift through all the car insurance websites and comparing similar options (at similar price points) that leave you more confused than when you started.

But because it’s also one of the main necessities of owning a car — along with a license and rego — it’s a task that can’t be put off. We’re here to help. The next time you’re sifting through insurance websites, come armed with this list of extras that you might not think you need (but definitely do).

Of course, everyone’s specific wants and needs are different, but there are a few options that may be beneficial for everyone. And if you’re not careful, you may not notice that seemingly obvious extras aren’t automatically included in your premium. The bottom line? You want to take advantage of choosing your own policy options (thus reducing your overall premium) while also making sure you have what you need if you get in a prang.

Here are our picks for those optional extras that might be worth considering:

Hire Car Cover

You might think the importance of including this optional extra on your car insurance depends on how you use it. But car accidents are never planned and they often come at the worst possible time — that’s where car hire cover comes in handy. If you’re carting around your kids, rely on your car for work, or just generally couldn’t go without having a car for a few days, then having a car insurance policy that helps you with the cost of a rental car while yours is fixed is an absolute life-saver.

Windscreen and Window Glass Cover

Just like every other mishap on this list, you never plan to have your windscreen damaged by hail or a rogue ball flying over your neighbour’s fence. But when it happens, well, it’s a costly fix. Adding windscreen and window glass cover has two benefits: you don’t have to panic when it’s suddenly damaged and you can often add it on as an extra that’s separate from your overall insurance policy.

For example, with Bingle, you can choose to add the windscreen and window glass cover when you take out your comprehensive car insurance. The best thing about this particular extra is that you don’t have to cough up the excess — you can claim just for the glass itself, as many times as you want — excess free.

New for Old Car Replacement

You’ve heard it before, but cars lose a significant amount of value the moment they’re driven out of the car dealership. But then there’s this magical thing called new for old car replacement, which is an insurance extra that means your car will be replaced for a brand new one if it’s written off in its first three years of life.

This extra is a total game-changer, in my opinion, because driving a brand new car out of a dealership is super stressful and it’s impossible to not be hyper-aware of all the potential scratches, dings, or accidents other people could unwittingly inflict on your beautiful new car. Things to look out for when adding this one are kilometre limits (some insurers, like Bingle, have no limits) and whether the insurer will cover road costs like stamp duty, compulsory third party (CTP), registration, and delivery charges.

Key Replacement

We’ll throw key replacement into the bucket of “rarely happens but when it does, it’s a day-ruiner”. Without jinxing anyone, when was the last time you lost your car keys? We mean, really lost them and never found them again? Exactly, not often — but if you have kids with a penchant for hiding things or are just forgetful, then maybe you have some intimate experience with this.

All that’s to say, adding a small fee to your insurance to cover key replacement only seems silly to people who’ve never looked up the cost of replacing those expensive electronic key fobs. There are some insurers out there who include key replacement cover for free, so it’s worth asking the question.

Choose Your Own Excess

It’s not strictly an extra, but having the option to choose your excess amount is crucial. It’s a decision only you can make according to your budget and lifestyle — it’s worth noting that when you choose a lower excess, it will make your premium more expensive. Meanwhile, opting for a higher excess could significantly decrease your premium. You’ve just got to weight it up.

To check out all of the flexible options available through Bingle and to get a quote on exactly how much it’ll cost you to customise your cover to suit your needs, head to their website.


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