Easy Ways to Cook Boss-Level Seafood for Your Family This Easter

Easy Ways to Cook Boss-Level Seafood for Your Family This Easter

The Easter weekend can sometimes feel like Christmas. Extra days off, gifts (in the form of chocolate) and family gatherings. But when it comes to those family gatherings there’s also the responsibility to cook.

Well, the good news is that seafood is set to be bigger than ever this Easter and we have all the tips on how to create a delicious and easy seafood feast for the long weekend.

What seafood should you buy and where can you get it?

In some traditions, Good Friday calls for no red meat, which makes seafood a great alternative. And luckily we’re big on our seafood here in Australia.

The best way to cook boss-level seafood is to buy items that are fresh. Thankfully, this Easter Woolworths is preparing a huge lineup of fresh seafood.

Barramundi, Tasmanian salmon, pacific oysters and cooked tiger prawns will all be fresh and for sale in Woollies stores across the country, sourced from local farms. Skin-on salmon and fresh prawns are expected to be the biggest sellers.

Woollies is also aiming for ultimate freshness this year, meaning items like snapper, barramundi and oysters are sent to stores within 24 hours of processing. A lot of these products are also responsibly sourced so keep an eye out for the label.

How to properly store your seafood

After you’ve bought your delicious seafood, the question becomes how to store it.

When it comes to fish fillets, the team at Woolworths suggest you store them in the fridge in an airtight container to prevent sweating. Prawns can be kept fresh by placing them in a bowl of iced water in your fridge.

It’s also recommended you buy your seafood as close to cooking time as possible. Woollies is bringing in extra stock of fresh seafood to cater for the Easter demand.

However, if you’d like to avoid the Easter crowds then purchasing packaged seafood from Woolworths’ chilled seafood range isn’t a bad idea. There are pre-packaged salmon, trout and snapper fillets on offer. These products have a use-by date so you’ll know exactly how long they’ll last at the time of purchase.

What should you cook for a large group?

There are so many ways to prepare seafood. Baking, barbequing, steaming, frying — you name it.

A few crowd-pleasing ideas that are easy for big groups include prawn rolls on mini brioche buns or a seafood pasta salad. Barramundi or salmon fillets on the BBQ are also an easy feast when you add a little olive oil and salt and pepper.

If you think seafood is just too hard to cook, think again. Seafood is actually way simpler than it looks to prepare. But if you’re an absolute beginner the team at Woollies have a couple of suggestions.

Cooked tiger prawns with a simple dipping sauce is a great idea for an easy snack or side.

Or grab some barramundi fillets, wrap them in foil and bake them in the oven. It takes less than half an hour to prepare, cook and serve. Plus, here’s a pro tip from Masterchef contestant Lynton Tapp: Barramundi tail fillets are less likely to have stray bones.

Finally, if you’re keen on oysters, nothing is easier or tastier than buying some fresh shells, adding some Worcestershire sauce, bacon and salt and enjoying Oysters Kilpatrick.

Lobsters are another popular choice for Easter, but they can also seem pretty daunting for seafood newcomers. Thankfully we’ve got an expert’s guide to cooking a lobster for you right here.

Enjoy the feast!

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