Dyson’s Famous Desk Fan Is Currently $150 off So Run, Don’t Walk

Dyson’s Famous Desk Fan Is Currently $150 off So Run, Don’t Walk
Image: Dyson
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If you’re feeling the heat this year, you’re not alone. You’ve probably headed down to your local shops only to find the fans aisle completely ravaged. It seems everyone has had the same idea and they’re out for cool air with a vengeance. You could grab some flimsy looking thing that’ll probably rip out your hair and keep you up at night, or you could jump on this Dyson desk fan deal.

Today, eBay have announced a generous $150 discount on Dyson’s famous desk fan in sleek white/silver. Instead of being $449, it’s now just $299. If that doesn’t spark joy in your overheated heart, we don’t know what will.

Dyson have really gone all out with this one and designed it to perfection. They’ve thought of every last detail from ensuring it’s eco-friendly (read: consumes 40% less power) to making it whisper quiet. We’re talking 75% quieter than other models.

This nifty fan has been specifically designed for smaller spaces (we’re looking at you apartment dwellers). It also has the ability to turn itself off after a certain amount of time has passed if you just need it to help you fall asleep but don’t want it going all night. Plus, it can be controlled entirely through remote control so you don’t need to heave yourself off the couch to switch it off or change the airflow settings. So if your summer plans involve sitting inside and eating an entire watermelon, you can do so without moving an inch.

So if you’re currently sweating while you read this and wondering how you’re going to make it through rollercoaster weather – consider this your sign.

You can grab the Dyson desk fan for $299 here. 

Because we love ourselves some options, we’ve also scouted a few other desk fans that are currently on sale and a little lower in price.

The Vornado in White is currently on sale for $119.20. If you’re looking for an energy-smart option, this bad boy is $159.

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