Showdown: Which Drumstick Mega Tip Flavour Is Better?

Showdown: Which Drumstick Mega Tip Flavour Is Better?
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If you think of a classic Australian ice cream, you think of a Drumstick. They’re synonymous with a snack run at the local servo or an afternoon treat after a warm day at the beach. Now the folks at Drumstick are attempting to improve on perfection with the new Drumstick Mega Tip range.

Questionable naming aside, there are two flavours new flavours in this range to choose from: Choc, Peanut & Caramel, and Honey Macadamia. I know what you’re thinking, “they both sound delicious, how do I choose?”

Well, luckily we here at Lifehacker have got our hands on both of these fancy new ice creams and have put them to the test in the ultimate showdown. We recruited a team of volunteer taste-testers (our family and friends) and put these new Drumsticks to a vote. Both have their pros and cons, but in the end there can only be one winner.

So which Drumstick flavour is better?

drumstick mega tip flavours
Image: Lifehacker Australia

Choc Peanut and Caramel

Chocolate and peanut are two things that definitely belong together. Chocolate-coated peanuts, peanut M&Ms, Picnic bars, need I say more? So how does that translate to ice cream? Still good.

Drumsticks often have some variety of chopped nuts on top, but a selling point of this new range is that the toppings aren’t just for the upper layer. They filter down through the entire cone.

As you’re eating the choc peanut Drumstick you’ll also find swirls of caramel spread throughout your chocolate ice cream. It is delicious from start to finish.

Now, when it comes to the mega tip, Drumstick ain’t fooling around. The little choccy -filled cone has indeed gone mega. I’d say the typical chocolate cone end has roughly 50% more chocolate.

Some of those who tried it love this new expansion of the choc-tip cone. Others thought it was simply too much chocolate. Is it possible to have too much chocolate? Maybe, but that’s what you get here.

Honey Macadamia

The Honey Macadamia Drumstick is made up of shaved macadamia nuts and lashes of honey folded through classic vanilla ice cream. It’s a delicious vanilla ice cream, but it’s also just that… a bit vanilla.

The advantage here is that, like with the choc peanut, your toppings are spread throughout the entire cone so you’ll enjoy the honey macadamia flavour all the way through. Similarly, the mega cone end adds a nice hit of chocolate.

The honey macadamia provides an option for those who don’t like chocolate ice cream. And to be fair, having extra chocolate in the cone along with chocolate ice cream in the choc peanut flavour is a whole lot of chocolate. So keep that in mind when choosing a flavour.

And the winner is…

The ice creams were tried, the pros and cons were weighed, and the votes were counted. Drumroll please (pun intended):

  • Choc Peanut and Caramel: 6
  • Honey Macadamia: 2

The Choc Peanut and Caramel Drumstick emerges victorious.

To be honest, both these ice creams are good and make for a delicious treat. They go beyond the standard Drumstick with the addition of way more chocolate cone but your choice will really come down to which flavour of ice cream you prefer.

But hey, don’t leave the decisions up to us, try one of these new Drumsticks for yourself and let us know which side you’re on.

You can find Drumstick Mega Tip flavours in a delicious 4-pack at your local supermarket for $8.40 or grab a solo cone at a petrol station or convenience store for $4.20.

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