Save Up To $200 On These Coffee Machines And Make Your Next Cup Taste Even Better

Save Up To $200 On These Coffee Machines And Make Your Next Cup Taste Even Better
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Making a great cup of coffee can be a bit tricky – sometimes it’s more art than science, sometimes it’s more science than art. If you’ve never had a proper coffee machine at home, and you’re sick of instant coffee or want to make the step up from coffee pods, Sunbeam’s Cafe Barista or DeLonghi’s Icona Pump are both good machines to start with – and they’re both on sale today.

Sunbeam’s Cafe Barista coffee machine

The Café Barista is also currently on sale for $179, down from $299, saving you a solid $120.

It terms of actually using this coffee machine, things couldn’t be simpler. It comes with one-touch options to brew an espresso, latte or cappuccino, along with a built-in milk frother, so your morning cup is a quick button press away.

If you’ve already got a fancy coffee maker set up at home, depending on what you’re currently using, this Sunbeam machine could be a step back. You might need a bigger upgrade. But if this is your first time to the coffee rodeo, this Sunbeam machine is a great place to learn how to make a fresh cup.

DeLonghi Icona Pump coffee machine

The DeLonghi Icona Pump coffee machine is also on sale for $159 down from $299, saving you a cool $140.

If there’s one brand that screams “coffee experts”, it’s DeLonghi. Compared to the Café Barista, the Icona Pump is much more hands on and closer to what you’d expect to find in your local cafe.

If you’re someone who loves an espresso, or maybe you consider yourself a bit of a coffee snob, this is the machine you’ll want for an authentic Italian coffee experience. It uses a steam wand to help you make a cappuccino as creamy and frothy as you’d like.

Unlike the Sunbeam machine, DeLonghi’s Icona Pump doesn’t include a milk frothing jug so you’ll need to buy one of those separately.

Breville The Dynamic Duo Espresso Machine with Grinder

This sophisticated model from Breville will give you a generous saving of $200.95. It’s currently on sale for $1,699 down from $1899.95.

There are coffee machines and then there are coffee machines. This Breville machine is one of the top tier brewing devices around, and for good reason.

Fitted with Italian-made pumps and stainless steel dual boilers, this espresso machine allows you to meticulously control the extraction temperature to maximise flavour. If you consider yourself a coffee aficionado and love to brew your own cup, you can’t go past the high-tech capabilities of this machine.

The essentials to brew a great cup of coffee

If you’re just replacing your current coffee machine, chances are you’ve already got most of these accessories. But if you’re starting from scratch, there are a few extra tools you’ll need to brew a fresh cup.

Firstly, you’ll need the most essential component of a cup of coffee, the beans. You can find plenty of options online, but it’s worth visiting your favourite cafe to see if they sell the beans they use in their coffees. If you can’t regularly go to them for your coffee, then why not bring their coffee to you?

After that, you’ll need a grinder for those coffee beans. Sunbeam’s Multigrinder II is also on sale at the moment – now $31, down from $44.95. As far as coffee grinders go, this one-touch grinder is pretty simple and easy to use.

A small, digital scale is also helpful to make sure you’re getting the right coffee-to-water ratio when measuring out your beans and a knock box is a handy bin to empty your used coffee grounds into. Also, you can never have enough novelty mugs.

You can buy Sunbeam’s Café Barista coffee machine here.

You can buy DeLonghi’s Icona Pump coffee machine here.

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