10 Awesome Women-Led Businesses Worth Your Attention 365 Days a Year

10 Awesome Women-Led Businesses Worth Your Attention 365 Days a Year
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Happy International Women’s Day, pals.

March 8 is an annual recognition of the achievements of women, as well as a date where we should be taking an honest look at the cultural, economic, social and political factors that impact our efforts in achieving gender equality.

One way we can support women, quite tangibly, is by paying attention to where we decide to put our money. Especially in light of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on women’s careers.

Which businesses deserve your cash right now? Could you invest more heavily in women-led businesses? Especially those run by women of colour?

If you’d like some suggestions, I’ve pulled together a list of companies worth your attention right now. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. There are hundreds more where this came from.

Check out my starter’s list below:

The Silver Collective


Maria Papazoglou and Anastasia Barba co-owners of this Aussie jewellery brand told us over email:

“For us, it is all about empowering the women of today to become any type of leader they want tomorrow.

“Diversity in the workforce can lead to innovation and world-firsts, and while we’re designing jewellery and not saving lives, we pride ourselves in the fact that we do what we do well.”

Lenny Rose Active and Rose Fit

Activewear and fitness

Rosie Dumbrell, the founder of Lenny Rose Active and RoseFit, told Lifehacker:

“I think apparel was traditionally made for men, by men, but we have evolved over the recent years. It has been so critical in our product development working with women, especially those that have been through the pregnancy, breastfeeding and postpartum journey themselves, so they truly understand what a woman needs, what works, and what doesn’t.”

Liandra Swim


This eco-conscious brand makes swimwear from regenerated plastics. Liandra Swim’s Creative Director/Founder and designer, Liandra Gaykamangu, is a Yolngu woman from North-East Arnhem Land, Northern Territory Australia.

The pieces are designed in Australia and ethically made in Bali, Indonesia.

Global Sisters

A charity dedicated to helping women who are unemployed or underemployed start their own businesses.

CEO/Founder Mandy Richards said of Global Sisters:

“I started Global Sisters because I want every woman to be free to live her life without stress around how she is going to pay her mortgage or feed her kids, or just be able to enjoy life.

“Women face so many barriers to decent mainstream employment and economic equality, particularly once they have children. If a woman wants and needs to generate an income then I want her to have choices past jobs that are potentially non-existent or inaccessible due to her circumstances or the forced alternative of welfare.”

Bloombox Co

Waste-free floral subscription service – Sydney + Melbourne

Founder, Philomena Kwok has created a subscription service that delivers Aussie farm fresh flowers direct to consumers’ doors.

Bon Femmes

Art and home decor

Founded by Tola Akinbiy, Bon Femmes is one of Pinterest’s featured women-led businesses for the platform’s International Women’s Day initiative (it is showcasing 25 businesses). The store is stocked with beautiful pieces of art and fun tidbits like face rollers and body oil.

Amplify Bookstore

Bookstore selling books by and about people of colour

Run by Marina and Xuan, this store is people who are “sick of how difficult it is to find authors and characters that look like you…”

The store works to amplify diverse voices and offers a space for BIPOC readers and others seeking authentic stories about all kinds of diversities.

Welcome Merchant

Refugee-focused business directory

Founder Marjorie Tenchavez has created a one-stop-shop for people seeking to support businesses run by refugees in Australia ranging from food to fashion.

Ginny’s Girl Gang


Led by proud Gomaroi/Gamilaraay woman Regina Jones (Ginny), Ginny’s Girl Gang produces clothing pieces that are beautiful expressions of culture and art. The brand is most well known for its range of denim and leather jackets.


Goal-setting app


Brooke Lowry leads a tech start-up designed to help people achieve their goals. The app is for anyone who is in need of a nudge when it comes to goal-setting, but the team behind it is predominately women – which we love.

Got any other women-led businesses you think deserve some attention? Let us know in the comments section below.

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