Wear Out Your Kid by Turning Your Stairs Into a Famous Landmark

Wear Out Your Kid by Turning Your Stairs Into a Famous Landmark

Sure, right now we’re physically limited on where we can go, the sights we can see, and what adventures we can give our kids. But if we use our imagination, we can go anywhere — at least, that’s what one dad thought this week when he decided his son needed some exercise and that his house might as well be the Statue of Liberty.

As Tom Lawton writes on Twitter:

Fun challenge to get kids to exercise during the home school day. Work out the height of your house. Pick a famous landmark. Rufus just reached the top of the Statue of Liberty and got back down again in 10 minutes. Tomorrow will try the Great Pyramid.

Lawton didn’t just tell his kid to imagine a large statue and start stepping — he appears to have actually calculated the distance from the kitchen to one of the bedrooms and determined that a person would have to climb all the stairs in between 20 times to reach the top of the Statue of Liberty and get back down to the bottom. Maths is not my thing, so I have no idea how accurate that is, but the accuracy is less important than the journey their mind will take them on.

(By the way — it’s worth clicking through to see Rufus dramatically reaching for the final step. That is a child who has been sufficiently worn out.)

This is also a semi-sneaky opportunity to show kids pictures and videos of famous landmarks and teach them about their history. Lawton says they’ll be “climbing” the Great Pyramid of Giza next.

You could start small with the Philadelphia Museum of Art — aka, the “Rocky Steps.” (Obviously, show them a video of the famous scene first, so they know how to be properly victorious at the end.) From there, work your way up to Big Ben and — the ultimate challenge — the Space Needle.

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