52 Ideas for Your Ultimate Sex-Focused Bucket List

52 Ideas for Your Ultimate Sex-Focused Bucket List
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Bucket lists are by no means are new craze. They’ve been around forever; reminding people that they should their lives to the fullest. YOLO, if you will.

And while most of these babies contain items like “climb to base camp,” “learn to dance salsa,” and “finish that book on my bedside table” few of them (I assume) include more intimate goals.

Sexual exploration is an important part of our lives (if you’re into it, of course) so why not create a sex bucket list for yourself, too.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got an idea… or 50.

Just remember that with any sexual encounter, consent should always be at the forefront of your mind. Communication is the key partnered to sex, especially when experimentation is involved.

Even the most adventurous of us won’t have tried everything, so to help inspire your own sexy bucket lists, Lovehoney’s forum members have spilled the beans about the toys, scenarios and kinks they’re keen to explore.

Here are 52 ideas – one to try every week for a whole year! We’ve broken down the list into separate subcategories to make your life easier.


“I want a [insert sex toy]”

From luxury toys to lingerie worth your entire month’s salary.

1. Sex swing

2. Genital piercing

3. Sex machine

4. Stainless steel dildo

5. Super expensive set of sexy lingerie

6. Lelo toy for every day of the week

Trying new things

Sexy scenarios and new ways to play (whether you’re paired up or solo)

7. Taking sexy photos

8. Anal gaping (anal play where the anus remains open for an extended period of time)

9. Squirting (female ejaculation)

10. Being blindfolded

11. Tantric sex

12. Food in the bedroom (also known as “sploshing”)

13. Watersports (urinating on, or being urinated on by, a partner)

14. Role play as people we know

15. Pegging

16. Foot play

17. Double or triple penetration

18. Being a ‘sugar baby’ (a partner in a relationship with a sugar daddy or mama)

19. Fisting

20. Sex with someone of the same sex

21. Going to a sex show with a partner

22. Converting a room of the house into a playroom (eat your heart out, Christian Grey)

Adding a third (or fourth) person

Involve an enthusiastic extra or embrace your inner exhibitionist.

23. Having a threesome/foursome

24. Having sex with another couple watching

25. Cuckolding (where a man watches his partner have sex with another man or men, or ‘cuckqueening’ if the genders are flipped)

26. Watching another couple have sex

Embark on a BDSM adventure

Dip your toe into the world of bondage or indulge in impact play.

52 Ideas for Your Ultimate Sex-Focused Bucket ListImage: iStock

27. Shibari (Japanese rope bondage)

28. Going to a fetish club

29. Being a dom for the weekend

30. Suspension (a form of bondage where a bound person is hung from one or more overhead suspension points)

31. Hiring a dungeon for the day

32. Exploring submission/dominance with a partner

Take things outside the bedroom

Explore public play with remote control toys or enjoy open air adventures (always avoid anything that might land you in hot water!)

33. Wearing vibrating panties in public

34. Medical fetish

35. Going on a date wearing a cock cage

Sex on…

36. A trampoline

37. A boat

38. The hood of a car

39. On a bale of hay

40. A beach

41. A forest floor

Sex in…

52 Ideas for Your Ultimate Sex-Focused Bucket List

42. A sauna

43. A plane

44. A lift

45. A dungeon

46. An open field

47. A castle

48. A pool or hot tub


49. A party

50. A festival

51. A swingers club

Sex under…

52. The Northern Lights

Cecile Sharpe is a blogger and sex expert who writes for Lovehoney Australia. You can see a list of their best-selling products here.

This article has been updated since its original publication.


      • Some of them aren’t exactly healthy things to do, physical, mentally or for maintaining a relationship.
        – Genital piercing isn’t without risks.
        – Industrial sex machines aren’t really something most people can afford to or should or need to buy.
        – Buying a sex toy for every day of the week is excessive.
        – Anal gaping isn’t exactly a normal activity or something anyone should seek to normalise. It also brings with it possibilities for permanent injury.
        – Squirting isn’t something everyone can do and promoting this as such can lead to an unhealthy sex life as people feel something is wrong with them. Or put expectations on recreating acts from porn.
        – Why does the website want to encourage people pissing on each other? Which is normalising degrading porn into a normal sex life. Which is not healthy.
        – Woman using strap on dildo’s to anally have sex with men, once again isn’t something considered normal behaviour and for everyone. Strap on dildo’s also pose a risk to physical injury to the receiver.
        – Fisting certainly isn’t normal behaviour or behaviour this website should seek to normalise. Anuses are not designed to be manipulated in this manner and can lead to permanent physical injury.
        – Encouraging people to see out a richer older partner to exploit is not positive social behaviour.
        – Going to sex shows often tends to suggest while overseas where the performers are often exploited in the sex trade.
        – People can’t afford to buy houses these days and yet they’re suggesting having a sex playroom is something normal when it’s not obtainable to most people.
        – Cuckholding is not a normal behaviour and I don’t see why they wish to normalise that. It’s not for everyone and can detrimentally impact healthy relationships. As well as opening up relationships to STI risks. Similar to the gang bang suggestion.
        – Fetish clubs and general fetish behaviour works for people with fetishes. Once again, these minority sex quirks should not be promoted as normal sex behaviour. The normalisation of more extreme behaviours have been having a negative impact on the sex lives of large numbers of people. In particular younger people growing up in the age of extreme porn warping their view of a healthy and normal sex life.
        – Where exactly does someone find a sex dungeon to hire for the day?
        – Having sex on a bail of hay should come with a warning to use a blanket underneath. The same with a forest floor.
        – Sex on a plane is inconsiderate and non hygienic. Unless one flies private.
        – Where exactly does someone find a castle to have sex in?
        – Why are they encouraging sex in public, that’s not exactly legal.
        – Swinging isn’t exactly healthy for many peoples sexual relationships.

        To name just a few of the issues.

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