The Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs Is Starch, Apparently

The Secret to Perfect Scrambled Eggs Is Starch, Apparently

J. Kenji López-Alt turned heads this week when he shared a recipe for ‘Extra Creamy Scrambled Eggs’ in his New York Times column.

You may be thinking – an egg is an egg, how special could this version be? But I’ve since seen a tonne of mentions of the fresh take, claiming that yes. This is how you want to make your eggs in the morning.

With that considered, I figured I should help our Lifehacker audience out but sharing this newfound wisdom with you.

The secret(s) to perfect scrambled eggs

In a YouTube video of the – now pretty well known – recipe, J. Kenji López-Alt shared a few fun pointers. He explained that whenever starting scrambled eggs he “put a little bit of water in a skillet” then he begins by preheating said skillet.

The chef said that the water is important because it helps regulate the heat of the pan, so when the water has evaporated, you know the pan is ready for butter. Clever!

The other secret he shared is that adding a “starchy slurry” (a combo of starch and water) to your eggs will help your scrambled eggs “stay tender and moist”. In his New York Times recipe, he suggested 2 teaspoons of potato starch, tapioca starch or cornstarch.

J. Kenji López-Alt stated that he got the starch idea from Mandy Lee of the food blog Lady & Pups. He also recommended adding butter to the starchy egg mixture. If you’re trying this at home, make sure you whisk the combo until it has no lumps in it.

If you’d like to check out the full recipe, you can find that here.

And we’ve included the video from J. Kenji López-Alt’s YouTube account below, too.

If you decide to give this take on scrambled eggs a whirl, let us know how it goes in the comments section!

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