The New Exhibition at QT Hotel Celebrates God-Awful Breakup Stories

The New Exhibition at QT Hotel Celebrates God-Awful Breakup Stories
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Breakups suck. They’re painful and uncomfortable and they often make you ugly-cry as you listen to Macy Gray. But they’re a pretty universal experience that many of us can relate to. QT Hotel gets that, and it wants to celebrate particularly cringe-worthy breakup stories with us. Namely, the stories that come with the stuff that gets left behind. …Or the stuff you purposely didn’t return.

QT Gold Coast has launched a new pop-up exhibition called Heartbreak Hotel, and it is filled with “relationship relics of the past”. Take a walk through the Museum of Love and Disappointments and explore the wide variety of wild and interesting breakup mementoes on display.

(If you’re not in Queensland, don’t worry we have a collection to show you here.)

According to the hotel, over 7,800 love stories and mementoes were submitted as this exhibition came to life. That includes a burnt-to-shit wedding dress (it was destroyed when the bride was asked for a divorce), a stolen PlayStation that came with the note “you broke my heart so I stole your PlayStation, how are you going to play FIFA now?” And a whole lot more.

QT Hotel was kind enough to share a few examples of some of the more attention-grabbing items and stories on display. Check them out below.

Porcelain doll, Rachel, QLD

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“When my ex-girlfriend moved in she revealed her collection of creepy porcelain dolls. She’d line them up on the mantle so they were always there, staring. Every time we kissed, I’d peek my eyes open and see one of these demons staring back at me. Eventually I couldn’t handle it, it was either me or the dolls. She chose the dolls. As a final act of spite I took one with me.”

Bear, Shae Mary, Gold Coast

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“It was a short-lived relationship with a liar so good he deserves an Oscar. Dumped me the day after planning our coastal getaway, three days before Christmas. This bear was from our first date. He tried getting it for me from an arcade game 4 times, I took over and got it first try. He told me I should tell people he actually won it for me. I laughed back and said, ‘I’m the best boyfriend ever.’ I think it was a bit of an uppercut to the ego.”

Antlers, Anonymous, Gold Coast

“When we broke up we agreed to continue split things fairly and be civil. We’d continue to share Foxtel passwords, he’d get the SodaStream and I’d keep the antlers. Then two minutes before the Game of Thrones finale I changed the password. Oops.”

Viking Helmet, Anonymous, QLD

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“We were at a costume party and I asked the girl I was dating for the past six months, ‘what are we doing for Valentine’s day?’ and she said ‘sorry I have other plans.'”

Ukelele, Anonymous, QLD

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“She used to play this all the time. We were going through sponsorship so she could stay in Australia but suddenly she started going missing at night. On a trip to Chile to visit her family, it came out that she’d been seeing someone else. When we got back she moved in with him. So I called immigration on her and cancelled her Visa.”

If you happen to be in Queensland and want to visit (lucky you) tickets at $10 and the exhibition is running until February 21. There are also some positive love stories in the mix, but what fun are they?

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