The Easiest Way for Kids to Peel Stickers

The Easiest Way for Kids to Peel Stickers
Contributor: Meghan Moravcik Walbert

Little kids have an innate love of stickers, and rightfully so — they are bright and colourful, add whimsy to any plain, boring piece of paper, and the sheer act of peeling and sticking is oddly satisfying. But sometimes, the damn things won’t cooperate. Sometimes, no matter how hard those little fingers bend and pull and claw at the sheet, the sticker clings steadfastly to its home position.

Who among us has not been vexed by a sticker that refuses to unstick? Even if it doesn’t cause tears (which it can), at the very least, as Susie Allison at @busytoddler points out on Instagram, it does mean parents often find themselves “having to play sticker hero or Sticker Removal Liaison every time your kids do some art.”

But she has a preventative solution to that, and it only takes a handful of seconds of effort on your part: Remove the plain middle parts of the sticker sheet. Like so:

As Susie writes:

It instantly makes it 462% easier for kids to peel the stickers (that might not be a scientific fact but it FEELS right.)

Freeing the stickers from the bondage of those useless border parts makes it easier for little fingers to get the leverage they need to grab and peel. And they’re still working on developing those fine motor skills while they do — just with fewer roadblocks along the way.


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