10 Ways to Treat Yourself if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day (Orgasms Still Included)

10 Ways to Treat Yourself if You’re Single on Valentine’s Day (Orgasms Still Included)
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As someone who has probably spent just as many Valentine’s Days single as I have coupled up, I can tell you now that you’re not really missing much. 

Sure, it’s nice to do cute things as a couple, but you know what you don’t need a lover for? A good time and good orgasms. (Sorry, babe). There are plenty of ways to get yourself through a solo V’day without feeling depressed as hell. 


1. Organise a Galentine’s day date

Still feel like getting dolled up and eating out? Grab the girls and do it anyway. Beat the loved-up couples by booking in early and treating yourselves. 

2. Have a mind-blowing orgasm (or 10)

If you ask me, self-love and self-pleasure are basically the same thing. Buy yourself a new vibrator for the big day, light some candles, set the mood and show yourself a damn good time. If you’re comfortable, take things slow, explore your body and experiment with what makes your orgasm. 

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3. Have a rom-com marathon

If you really wanna go all anti-valentines day, load up your Netflix watch list with rom-coms and breakup movies, sit back, relax and cry if you want to. 

4. Settle into a little self-care

Grab your favourite face mask, some candles, a bottle of wine, your favourite snacks and settle in for a night of self-care — whatever that looks like for you. 

5. Try something new

Why not book in for a wine and painting class? It’s the perfect excuse to get boozy, crafty and avoid Valentine’s Day altogether. If painting isn’t really your vibe, you could try a pottery class, a dance class, indoor rock climbing, a cooking class, literally any kind of activity that sounds like a good time. 

6. Do a workout

If you’re looking for a little feel-good moment, nothing beats a workout (except maybe an orgasm). Get your heart racing in a different way, go for a run, do an online workout, hit the gym or go on a scenic walk with friends, any of these workouts will give you a huge dose of mood-boosting endorphins.

7. Get an astrology, tarot or energy reading

Get rid of that bad ex energy by booking in for a chakra cleanse. Learn more about what future Valentine’s Days have in store with a psychic or tarot reading. Whether you believe in it or it’s just for fun, it’s a great way to spend V-day. 

Tarot Cards
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8. Buy your own gift

Half the hype of Valentine’s Day is the buying and receiving of gifts. If you really feel like you’re missing out, buy yourself a gift. You know exactly what you want/need so why not cut out the middle man? 

9. Avoid Instagram for the day

If seeing other people’s loved-up couple pics on the Instagram is going to make you feel sad about being single, try to avoid doom scrolling or delete the app entirely (not your account, just the app for the day). 

10. Take yourself out

You don’t have to be in a couple to go out for a meal, see a show or stroll in an art gallery on Valentine’s Day. So why not book yourself a seat for the play you’ve been dying to see or go check out that tapas bar everyone’s been raving about. 

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