KFC’s Tower Burger Will Make You Crave A Hangover

KFC’s Tower Burger Will Make You Crave A Hangover

A moment of appreciation for great hangover food, please — KFC’s Tower Burger is back. The popular burg has made a return to participating restaurants, but only for a few weeks. So you’ll need to be quick to get your gob around one.

The Tower Burger hasn’t been available since 2018, and let’s be honest, we’ve all been through a lot since then. Plus for those after an extra kick, there’s a Zinger fillet option for you spicy souls.

Hot tip: If you’re a Zinger fan, you can now order yourself a Zinger Tower Double (where two Zinger fillets act as the bun to a hash brown, cheese, mayo and tomato sauce filling) by visiting the Secret Menu on the KFC app. 

Let’s break this baby down: you’ve got a classic Original Recipe fillet, cheese, tangy tomato sauce, mayo, lettuce and a hash brown. The genius behind this thing was sent from heaven to rescue us all from the day after the night before, surely.

Now full disclosure: I have an emotional attachment to KFC. I rarely eat fast food in general because the salt does unpleasant things to me. But growing up, whenever we visited my grandparents’ farm in the Hunter Valley we would get KFC. (Macca’s was a no-show, literally — there just wasn’t a McDonald’s in town.) So now, when I get a wee bit sentimental, I treat myself to KFC.

But the Tower Burger is not for kids — there’s no way they’ll appreciate it. It’s like breakfast and dinner smooshed together, and it will make you want to start drinking immediately just to get a hangover in order to fully appreciate it.

Sure the hash brown tastes like the frozen variety you get in supermarkets. But we’re talking fast food here — don’t expect a Michelin Star.

Admittedly I was very hungry by the time I got my hands on one of these burgers, but I inhaled it. Straight down my gob, no messing about. And I regret nothing.

The Tower Burger is available at participating KFC restaurants across the country until March 22.

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