How to Convert Your Bedroom into a Private Cinema on Any Budget

How to Convert Your Bedroom into a Private Cinema on Any Budget
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As more and more movies skip their big cinematic debuts and head straight for streaming services, it could be time to invest in a home cinema. 

You don’t have to have a theatre room, tonnes of money or even a spare room to be able to have your own private home cinema. You can set one up in your bedroom for as little as $240, all you need is a projector, a projector screen, a sound system, black out curtains, bedding and of course, a popcorn machine. 

Ahead, we unpack everything you need to create a private home cinema in your bedroom. 

A projector

Let’s start with the basics — if you don’t have a TV (or a lot of space) in your bedroom, a portable projector is a perfect solution. Depending on how much you want to spend, a decent quality portable projector starts around the $80 mark, like Prime’s Centre LCD Portable Mini Projector, $79.99. However, if you’ve got a little more wiggle room in your budget, it could be worth investing in Nebula’s Capsule Smart mini Projector, $549.

Prime’s Centre LCD Portable Mini Projector, $79.99

Nebula’s Capsule Smart mini Projector, $549

A projector screen

If you don’t have a free wall, it’s worth measuring your space so you can purchase a projector screen. You can pick them up relatively cheap online, like this UTSLIVE 120 Inches 16:9 Simple Projector Screen, $36.99 or GHKJOK’s Portable Projector Screen, $71.99. 

UTSLIVE 120 Inches 16:9 Simple Projector Screen, $36.99

GHKJOK’s Portable Projector Screen, $71.99

Sound systems

If you’re watching an action flick or anything flick for that matter, you’re going to want crisp, clear sound. However, you don’t have to invest in a super expensive surround sound system just to get it. Sound bars are a great workaround and easy to store. For an affordable and immersive surround sound experience try, AstiVita’s Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker ($39.98) or TaoTronics Sound Bar ($39.99). 

AstiVita’s Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker ($39.98)

TaoTronics Sound Bar ($39.99)

A popcorn machine

Of course, no home cinema is complete without a popcorn machine! When it comes to popcorn makers you don’t want something huge that takes up heaps of space so we recommend one of these mini ones like DASH’s Popcorn Machine ($50.93) or Kambrook’s Popcorn Maker ($47.79). 

DASH’s Popcorn Machine ($50.93)

Kambrook’s Popcorn Maker ($47.79) 

Blackout curtains

If you’re really keen on converting your bedroom into a private home cinema, it’s worth investing in blackout curtains like Smarcute’s Blackout Grey Curtains ($34.98) or Smarcute’s Long Blackout Curtains ($43.98).  

Smarcute’s Blackout Grey Curtains ($34.98)

Smarcute’s Long Blackout Curtains ($43.98)

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